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Cas @2022-08-10 01:19:33 UTC
Just verified your replay, @Igor!
Alan Rotoi @2022-08-06 10:53:05 UTC
Hi Igor, thank you! Glad you're enjoying. It was inspired by an old competition track with similar rules.
Igor @2022-08-05 12:22:55 UTC
Hi all. I like this track. It's not too long or short and has a nice ratio of stunts and corners to make it an exciting and fun race.
Cas @2022-08-03 21:24:00 UTC
All current replays verified!
Cas @2022-08-03 01:23:52 UTC
It's really fun racing on this track! Mind the banked corner just after the hillside though! Remember: If you overfly grass, that's not strict OWOOT! I almost fell into that trap myself a moment ago
Alan Rotoi @2022-08-02 16:14:58 UTC
OK let's see if we can revive ISA competition for a while Porsche/March INDY + a track inspired by "Amsterdam":  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZxkjM4ACK8

New race started! - Domselaar

Cas @2022-07-26 01:39:15 UTC
Another race is over! Congratulations to @KyLiE, @dreadnaut and @Duplode for the podium! And thanks everybody for participating in the inauguration of the Monster Truck's first official race

Race is over!

Duplode @2022-07-25 04:34:11 UTC
Not a particularly strong showing from me, but at least I get to race with the monster truck
Igor @2022-07-21 09:11:41 UTC
Very good @Ayrton! Great work! I'm not sure I can beat that but I will definitely try.
Alan Rotoi @2022-07-13 02:25:08 UTC
Do you like the monster truck?
Ayrton @2022-07-12 07:58:41 UTC
Beat you @Igor!
Igor @2022-07-08 08:51:37 UTC
Hi @Ayrton! Great to see you have posted a lap. I'm just about to race the track for the first time.
Ayrton @2022-07-07 04:05:40 UTC
Hi @Igor!
KyLiE @2022-07-02 13:12:25 UTC
I'm glad you guys like the track!
dreadnaut @2022-07-02 09:09:31 UTC
Car of the year! 🤣
Alan Rotoi @2022-07-01 17:51:29 UTC
What a good track! This car somehow makes me feel powerful when I race. It feels strong, safe and aggressive.
Cas @2022-07-01 01:38:45 UTC
Wow! My first try of an official lap with the Monster Truck It really is fun to drive. Nice track, @KyLiE! It suits the car really well!

New race started! - Monster Zero

Domselaar (by Alan Rotoi)
Leading: Alan Rotoi
Deadline: 2022-08-25 23:59 UTC
11 days left
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