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About Pretty Garage

Let me introduce you to Pretty Garage, a GUI-based garage program for Stunts that offers a visual presentation of the cars in your collection. With the number of custom cars growing so quickly in the last few years, handling car files manually has become a big hassle. Stunts can hold up to 32 cars at a time, but even if you stay within than number, it takes a long time to go through them in the showroom. Having a garage program capable of managing several garage directories as well as groups and repositories facilitates the task enormously.

The project

I started working on Pretty Garage in January 2024 and development has been pretty quick, getting to a very complete point by mid-March, though still with space for adding more things. The program takes a different direction to what Simple Garage has been offering, focusing on the visual aspect and comfort. On the other hand, the program core is much tidier and stable, and can easily allow for features present in Simple Garage to make their way into Pretty Garage. It also includes the handling of online repositories, which wasn't possible with Simple Garage.

Pretty Garage screenshot

Like most of my software, Pretty Garage is free software. If you're not familiar with the concept, you're encouraged to read about it. Look up the GNU GPL license, the Free Software Foundation and Richard Stallman. As always, it's been created on the principle of simplicity and independence. You can install Pretty Garage by simply creating a new directory and copying it there. The source code is included for you to compile it, but you are not required to do so, most of the time, since binaries are also provided.

No third party software has been used to develop Pretty Garage and it only links to libraries that are almost certainly available on your operating system (such as X11 in GNU/Linux), so normally, you just copy the program and run it. It even uses external software for downloading files (curl) and unzipping (this one can vary) instead of incorporating additional third party libaries.


The current version of Pretty Garage is available for download here and it includes the source code and the binaries for GNU/Linux and Windows.

Pretty Garage 1.1 - 8 March 2024

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