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Duplode @2023-01-26 01:59:20 UTC
Nooooooo! Well played, @KyLiE, congratulations!
KyLiE @2023-01-26 00:14:12 UTC
All replays have been made public. Well done @Duplode and @Cas!

Race is over!

KyLiE @2023-01-25 23:56:18 UTC
@Duplode, tight margins indeed!
Duplode @2023-01-25 22:31:55 UTC
Trying to add a bit of a cushion in the final hours - tight margins here!
Igor @2023-01-25 12:00:39 UTC
Hi @Ayrton. Happy New Year to you also! I am glad you enjoy the track and I am very pleased to see you back!
Ayrton @2023-01-22 09:52:17 UTC
I like your track @Igor! I like all the bridges and the car was a good choice as well. Happy New Year!
Duplode @2023-01-06 02:56:58 UTC
First lap of the year, let's go!
sebastianali @2023-01-02 02:35:11 UTC
Happy New Year! A bit late - I don't have too much free time these days BTW, I would try to be active, I hope, but I can't promise it.
Igor @2023-01-01 10:39:35 UTC
Happy New Year everyone!
KyLiE @2023-01-01 02:00:29 UTC
Happy New Year!

New race started! - Race Into 2023

Cas @2022-12-31 20:44:36 UTC
Congratulations, guys! Hope you all have a Happy New Year! It'll surely be a great year!
Alan Rotoi @2022-12-30 13:32:50 UTC
Sebastian, 4to puesto en y tricampeón en fútbol! Vamooo!
KyLiE @2022-12-28 11:45:51 UTC
Well done @sebastianali! Also, we saw great performances from @Duplode and @Alan Rotoi this season, both making it onto the podium with only a single point separating them. It was a pleasure racing with you all, and I look forward to seeing you again for the next race starting on 1/1/2023!
sebastianali @2022-12-26 01:58:27 UTC
4th place. Not too bad considering you guys have decades of experience. When I was 1st for a moment I feel so good. Good race.

Race is over!

Duplode @2022-12-25 21:36:24 UTC
Will this be the final lap of the year, or is there a Christmas surprise on the cards?
sebastianali @2022-12-25 16:10:45 UTC
Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having a great day!
Alan Rotoi @2022-12-25 12:59:34 UTC
Merry Christmas!!
Race Into 2023 (by Igor)
Winner: KyLiE
Race has ended
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