We're again in the Christmas season, nearing the end of the year. The 2023 season is about to end and we hope you've enjoyed racing with us this year. We'll see what new we can come up with for 2024!

Message Room

Cas @2023-12-03 17:26:55 UTC
I've posted a RH lap for now. I'll try to get a NoRH one as well
Alan Rotoi @2023-12-01 02:36:52 UTC
Fun track for NoRH!!

New race started! - City greens

KaoS @2023-11-26 22:24:18 UTC
Someday I will beat RH with my NoRH replays, he he.
KyLiE @2023-11-26 15:44:09 UTC
Well done @Duplode and @Alan Rotoi! All replays have been made public. The final race of the season starts in four days!

Race is over!

Duplode @2023-11-25 01:18:50 UTC
Making sure I'll have something on the scoreboard...
Igor @2023-11-22 12:11:42 UTC
Hi @Ayrton! It's great to see you back here. I'm glad you liked the track! Merry Christmas to you also.
sixxis83 @2023-11-20 20:53:48 UTC
@KyLiE, I've uploaded a perfect lap for Default right now.
sixxis83 @2023-11-20 20:52:33 UTC
I can beat every one of you... cheaters...
Ayrton @2023-11-20 09:48:27 UTC
That's a good track @Igor! The ice bit was very good but hard. Merry Christmas!
KyLiE @2023-11-20 04:44:13 UTC
@sixxis83, welcome to Race For Kicks! Unfortunately your replay for Default is invalid for FOWOOT since you go off-road at the chicane. I've changed the style to Free since it is valid for this. Please have a look at the Rules section for further information.
sixxis83 @2023-11-19 20:09:59 UTC
I loved participating in this "myownchildhood" game.
Cas @2023-11-17 20:36:45 UTC
Just verified the laps and posted one. I haven't had much time either, but at least, I wanted to participate. Happy weekend, guys!
Spoonboy @2023-11-06 14:15:50 UTC
This is a fun track! Thanks @Igor
Igor @2023-11-05 11:04:14 UTC
I'm here! I've been a little busy lately but got some time to post a lap this evening.
KyLiE @2023-11-04 00:02:09 UTC
The Ford Ranger certainly takes some getting used to! Now, where's @Igor?

New race started! - Icy Hill

KyLiE @2023-10-31 22:18:36 UTC
@Cas, I had to do it manually. Given how simple it is and how infrequently we have to do it, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Cas @2023-10-31 21:17:12 UTC
@KaoS, GAR is really strict, so it's already great merit to be able to perform that way at all for some tracks! By the way, @KyLiE, were you able to change KaoS' style to OWOOT from the interface or did you have to do it manually? I don't remember if I had already implemented this. Would be important to do if not.
City greens (by Cas)
Leading: Spoonboy
Deadline: 2023-12-25 23:59 UTC
16 days left
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