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taufan99 @2024-05-18 02:46:46 UTC
Hey everyone! I'm a total n00b when it comes to , but nevertheless I had fun. That being said, everyone sure makes it look easy to finish quick with OWOOT! Guess I still have a long way to go...
Cas @2024-05-04 18:10:36 UTC
All replays verified so far! Yes, hope @taufan99 can peek around and maybe race his track here!
Duplode @2024-05-04 02:46:31 UTC
Great to see @taufan99's Mandalika International Circuit here! It's a well-balanced track that suits well both car and rules.

New race started! - Mandalika

Erik Barros @2024-04-27 22:20:53 UTC
Congratulations @Duplode, @Spoonboy and @Alan Rotoi!!!! Was a great race!
Duplode @2024-04-27 16:27:29 UTC
Thanks! I do feel I've come out of this race with a better understanding of the Torino.
Spoonboy @2024-04-26 18:17:01 UTC
He he, Luigi was always my favourite - What a great track! Love the long fast corners. Had fun trying to perfect the landing for those final bends.
Cas @2024-04-26 17:24:34 UTC
All replays verified! Congratulations @Duplode, @Spoonboy and @Alan Rotoi!  https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https://media1.tenor.com/images/7fd3a231b0f8c93453d8ea363fe571aa/tenor.gif - It's been a very fun race!

Race is over!

Duplode @2024-04-25 22:06:17 UTC
Okay, it's a little better now
Duplode @2024-04-25 22:00:07 UTC
0.05s faster!! It's an improvement, I guess 😅
Cas @2024-04-21 18:31:18 UTC
It really does feel like a racing car. On this track, it's very enjoyable and you get to feel the vertigo.
Alan Rotoi @2024-04-18 18:07:49 UTC
I consider the Torino a racing car because of its performance, but maybe it is less tuned. High speed (193 mph), high grip value (normal car = 210, Torino = 400) and enhanced brakes, but all of these numbers are lower compared to DTM, IMSA and Indy cars. Check the comparative list in the wiki: https://wiki.stunts.hu/wiki/IKA_Torino_GS#Comparison_Table
Cas @2024-04-15 16:48:11 UTC
It's been really fun to try the Torino on this track. It goes great with it. I wanted to make a NoRH replay, but it's difficult to not lose a lot of speed at the chicane just after the hill jump on the first try. I'll keep trying
KyLiE @2024-04-04 09:22:14 UTC
@Igor, ha ha! No, if that was the case, wouldn't it be "SS Crewman" anyway?
Igor @2024-04-04 08:30:25 UTC
Hmm @KyLiE, "SS" on the terrain. I wonder, does it stand for "Stunts Source Code" or "SS Commodore"?

New race started! - Stunts Source Code

Alan Rotoi @2024-03-29 16:48:30 UTC
Congrats guys! Somebody could make a video tutorial for Speedgate. It needs special knowledge since it is different to an ordinary car. Who knows exactly how this car works? The same video could include the Pontiac Firebird which also is special.
Spoonboy @2024-03-29 11:54:37 UTC
Congratulations to @Duplode and @Alan Rotoi - and thanks to @Cas for a great track! Really enjoyed this layout and have been driving it for fun with other cars. And the Speedgate's 'Hairdryer Mode' is a unique and fun challenge! Still very drivable at super speed, with skill and practice needed to get a good result. Brilliant race!
Duplode @2024-03-29 02:43:33 UTC
Thanks! It's been nice to finally find a new appreciation for the wildness of the Speedgate.
Mandalika (by taufan99)
Leading: Duplode
Deadline: 2024-05-25 23:59 UTC
3 days left
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