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Duplode @2024-07-08 14:09:36 UTC
Australia, Argentina, Southern Hemisphere winter! Oh, and it's always good to be able to race with the GTO! ❤️
Cas @2024-07-04 23:57:34 UTC
It's a chilly winter here and I've posted my first replay

New race started! - Winter

Erik Barros @2024-06-30 13:36:19 UTC
Congratulations @Duplode and @Spoonboy!!!
Cas @2024-06-28 22:49:41 UTC
Congratulations, @Duplode, @Spoonboy and @Erik Barros! Indeed, a very good race
KyLiE @2024-06-28 02:45:15 UTC
Well, it seems as though we have a tie between FWD and RWD! Congratulations to @Duplode, @Spoonboy and @Erik Barros for their podium positions!
Spoonboy @2024-06-26 15:01:16 UTC
@KyLiE, thank you - that's good to know!
Duplode @2024-06-26 00:27:38 UTC
A productive deadline session for me, rounding off an enjoyable race. It's cool to see three R4K debuts — hi @Frieshansen!

Race is over!

KyLiE @2024-06-25 22:50:07 UTC
@Spoonboy, your replays were hidden because by default, the scoreboard only shows the fastest times for each car and style. Your fastest replay had been uploaded twice, effectively cancelling itself out. I've since removed the duplicate replay and re-enabled the fastest one.
Spoonboy @2024-06-25 21:32:18 UTC
Hi Cas, where did my R4K replays go? - I was pretty sure both laps were legal. The cork exit for my 1:41.40 lap (possibly sent twice) was quite close, but the 1:41.85 lap was definitely OK there. Did I miss something?
Cas @2024-06-25 20:07:01 UTC
Verified all replays and still almost four hours left!
Frieshansen @2024-06-25 17:18:19 UTC
Hello everyone from next door! Very nice competition! I'll try to ride here now too.
KyLiE @2024-06-17 23:50:07 UTC
@Alan Rotoi, nope, this is the first race with the Corolla at Race For Kicks. Like @Duplode said, I'm pretty sure this is the first race ever! Also, welcome @Mortimer McMire and @Mister PC!
Alan Rotoi @2024-06-17 20:28:20 UTC
I think there was a Corolla race a couple of years ago here.
Duplode @2024-06-16 14:21:51 UTC
While the Trueno has been featured in ZakStunts and elsewhere, I'm quite sure this is the first ever race with the Corolla! And speaking of debuts: Welcome to R4K, @Mortimer McMire and @Mister PC!
Cas @2024-06-03 00:46:56 UTC
Posted and verified replays!
Alan Rotoi @2024-06-02 15:38:57 UTC
I love these two cars. Zapper is the best car builder.

New race started! - FWD Vs RWD

Cas @2024-05-29 18:01:37 UTC
All replays published! Congratulations to @Alan Rotoi, @Duplode and @Spoonboy for the podium! And thanks @taufan99 for the track and for participating in Race For Kicks It's been a very enjoyable race.
Winter (by Igor)
Leading: Alan Rotoi
Deadline: 2024-07-25 23:59 UTC
7 days left
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