Racing Challenge

Title: Mandalika
Author: taufan99
Created: 2024-4-4
Cars allowed: Porsche 962 IMSA
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2024-05-01 - 2024-05-26
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Cas @2024-05-29 18:01:37 UTC
All replays published! Congratulations to @Alan Rotoi, @Duplode and @Spoonboy for the podium! And thanks @taufan99 for the track and for participating in Race For Kicks It's been a very enjoyable race.
Spoonboy @2024-05-28 11:48:23 UTC
Thanks @taufan99, this track was a fun challenge!
Igor @2024-05-23 09:00:31 UTC
Great track @taufan99, I did enjoy this one!
taufan99 @2024-05-18 02:46:46 UTC
Hey everyone! I'm a total n00b when it comes to , but nevertheless I had fun. That being said, everyone sure makes it look easy to finish quick with OWOOT! Guess I still have a long way to go...
Cas @2024-05-04 18:10:36 UTC
All replays verified so far! Yes, hope @taufan99 can peek around and maybe race his track here!
Duplode @2024-05-04 02:46:31 UTC
Great to see @taufan99's Mandalika International Circuit here! It's a well-balanced track that suits well both car and rules.

1   Alan Rotoi 1:53.05Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2024-05-08
2   Duplode 1:59.50Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2024-05-24
3   Spoonboy 1:59.70Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2024-05-09
   Duplode 2:01.05Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2024-05-04
4   Erik Barros 2:02.85Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2024-05-03
5   Cas 2:04.75Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2024-05-04
6   Igor 2:06.65Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2024-05-23
   Igor 2:09.85Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2024-05-23
7   taufan99 2:43.15Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2024-05-18
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