Racing Challenge

Title: Mate & Bizcochuelo
Author: Cas
Created: 2023-12-28
Cars allowed: Melange XGT-88
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2024-01-01 - 2024-01-26
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Cas @2024-01-31 16:44:11 UTC
Glad to have a historical track like Rivendel as the 50th in Race For Kicks!
Duplode @2024-01-30 21:08:14 UTC
I'll finally be on the Rivendel scoreboard! Yeah!! 🎉 Also looking forward to race with the A-70!
Cas @2024-01-29 22:21:12 UTC
Better late than never, all replays have been published! Congratulations to @Alan Rotoi, @Duplode and @Spoonboy for the podium! A fast race at a slow time of the year, but we've got our first points of the season!
Duplode @2024-01-25 23:44:10 UTC
Woah, this is tricky! But I got to improve a little, at least. The highlight of the session probably was the 1:37.85 lap that I ruined with a double loop at the end. Even in the final lap I almost messed it up at the (positively hair-raising!) banked-corners-and-pipes sector.
Duplode @2024-01-24 00:52:24 UTC
Took me a while, but I've made it to the new season!
Cas @2024-01-06 01:14:03 UTC
I'm very satisfied with this track Have you guys been able to visit the island?
Erik Barros @2024-01-04 15:43:05 UTC
Happy New Year!! Congratulations to @KyLiE, @Duplode and @Spoonboy on the previous podium!!
Igor @2024-01-03 11:53:09 UTC
Happy New Year everyone. I do like this track!
Alan Rotoi @2024-01-02 19:15:51 UTC
First replay of the year!! What an intense second half of track!! Just wow!!
Cas @2024-01-01 00:06:18 UTC
Happy New Year! We have a new race! For some reason, I don't see it showing up automatically as an announcement in the chat here. I'll have to see how to fix that, but anyway, hope you guys like it!

1   Alan Rotoi 1:33.25Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2024-01-02
2   Duplode 1:35.95Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2024-01-25
3   Spoonboy 1:37.45Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2024-01-09
4   Cas 1:37.80Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2024-01-06
5   Erik Barros 1:40.05Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2024-01-04
6   Igor 1:41.85Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2024-01-03
   Cas 1:44.10Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2024-01-06
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