Racing Challenge

Title: Icy Hill
Author: Igor
Cars allowed: Ford Ranger
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2023-11-01 - 2023-11-26
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KaoS @2023-11-26 22:24:18 UTC
Someday I will beat RH with my NoRH replays, he he.
KyLiE @2023-11-26 15:44:09 UTC
Well done @Duplode and @Alan Rotoi! All replays have been made public. The final race of the season starts in four days!
Duplode @2023-11-25 01:18:50 UTC
Making sure I'll have something on the scoreboard...
Igor @2023-11-22 12:11:42 UTC
Hi @Ayrton! It's great to see you back here. I'm glad you liked the track! Merry Christmas to you also.
sixxis83 @2023-11-20 20:53:48 UTC
@KyLiE, I've uploaded a perfect lap for Default right now.
sixxis83 @2023-11-20 20:52:33 UTC
I can beat every one of you... cheaters...
Ayrton @2023-11-20 09:48:27 UTC
That's a good track @Igor! The ice bit was very good but hard. Merry Christmas!
KyLiE @2023-11-20 04:44:13 UTC
@sixxis83, welcome to Race For Kicks! Unfortunately your replay for Default is invalid for FOWOOT since you go off-road at the chicane. I've changed the style to Free since it is valid for this. Please have a look at the Rules section for further information.
sixxis83 @2023-11-19 20:09:59 UTC
I loved participating in this "myownchildhood" game.
Cas @2023-11-17 20:36:45 UTC
Just verified the laps and posted one. I haven't had much time either, but at least, I wanted to participate. Happy weekend, guys!
Spoonboy @2023-11-06 14:15:50 UTC
This is a fun track! Thanks @Igor
Igor @2023-11-05 11:04:14 UTC
I'm here! I've been a little busy lately but got some time to post a lap this evening.
KyLiE @2023-11-04 00:02:09 UTC
The Ford Ranger certainly takes some getting used to! Now, where's @Igor?

1   KyLiE 2:36.80Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-25
2   Duplode 2:38.35Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-25
3   Alan Rotoi 2:38.40Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-19
   Duplode 2:46.85Ford RangerOWOOT/NoRH2023-11-25
4   KaoS 2:47.65Ford RangerOWOOT/NoRH2023-11-23
   KyLiE 2:48.50Ford RangerOWOOT/NoRH2023-11-04
5   Spoonboy 2:50.30Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-06
6   Erik Barros 2:50.85Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-25
7   Igor 2:53.45Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-11
8   Cas 2:58.00Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-17
9   sixxis83 3:04.05Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-19
10   Ayrton 3:04.35Ford RangerOWOOT/RH2023-11-20
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