Racing Challenge

Title: Tesla Coil
Author: Erik Barros
Created: 2023-7-31
Cars allowed: Lotus Esprit Turbo SE
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2023-09-01 - 2023-09-26
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Spoonboy @2023-09-30 18:42:41 UTC
Coastal Revenge - I'm getting flashbacks! - This was the first ZakStunts track I competed on, so it has a special place in my heart 😍 - Tragically, with R4K I can't use all the tricks I've learnt since then! 😭 - But looking forward to the challenge!
Cas @2023-09-27 14:20:15 UTC
Congratulations, guys! And thanks too for the good track, @Erik Barros! Also, welcome, @Wesbat! Nice to have you here at Race For Kicks
Duplode @2023-09-27 01:08:06 UTC
Thanks @Erik Barros! It's unfortunate I couldn't have another attempt on your track in the final week — I'll give it another go just for fun later on!
Erik Barros @2023-09-26 22:00:17 UTC
Congratulations @KyLiE, @Alan Rotoi and @Duplode!!!
KyLiE @2023-09-26 13:00:12 UTC
Thanks @Erik Barros for a great track! All replays have been made public. Well done @Alan Rotoi and @Duplode!
KyLiE @2023-09-26 12:50:13 UTC
@sebastianali, I don't use DBGL, but I've sent you a private message with the CPU and graphics configuration that I use with the standard version of DOSBox when running .
Wesbat @2023-09-26 00:08:14 UTC
Thanks for the warm welcome @Erik Barros and @KyLiE, for answering my question and for the useful driving tips - see you on the racetrack!
sebastianali @2023-09-25 22:14:13 UTC
Oh man, I come at the last moment. Hi again. My old PC just stopped working and after a long time, I bought a new one. Now I'm using DBGL to play the game, but I don't know what the best settings are to make look more crisp, or do I just stick with the default ones (surface, original resolution and scale2x)? Because the other ones look blurrier or make my screen smaller. Thanks.
KyLiE @2023-09-25 14:54:05 UTC
Welcome @Wesbat! I've just verified your replay. @Erik Barros is correct, your replay file name can be anything you like when uploading it to the website.
Erik Barros @2023-09-25 12:09:07 UTC
Hey Wesbat, welcome!! The file name can be named according to your preference. When uploaded to the website, it automatically changes to a specific pattern. I know it's hard at first to get into these competitions. I recommend reading the ZakStunts Driving School guide where there are important tips and there is also a very good series of videos on YouTube: Stunts - Retro Game Playlists
Wesbat @2023-09-25 09:58:29 UTC
Hi everyone, I heard about R4K on the DOS Game Club podcast, and since I love , I'm entering some races! I am not sure how to name the replay filename. I searched the forum and wiki, and looked at filenames of past races to try a best guess, but ultimately failed to identify what the numbers after R4K mean - so I put [month number][min][sec][msec].
Cas @2023-09-19 18:16:54 UTC
Thanks! I've had a few very busy days doing a selection task for a job I hope I get.
KyLiE @2023-09-15 12:50:15 UTC
Happy birthday @Cas!
Duplode @2023-09-11 15:02:06 UTC
It's a very interesting combo indeed!
Alan Rotoi @2023-09-10 21:06:49 UTC
Great idea to add a long straight to the track because you can improve your shifting skills there, which is very important too. Great track and car combo. I missed this car.
Cas @2023-09-08 03:09:48 UTC
@Erik Barros - It's a good track! Thanks for posting it with us!
KyLiE @2023-09-08 01:35:20 UTC
You're welcome @Erik Barros! It's great to finally have the Lotus Esprit on the track here.
Erik Barros @2023-09-06 22:40:30 UTC
Thanks @Cas and @KyLiE for the opportunity to do a track. I hope it's been fun. And @Cas, thanks for Bliss, it's really great to draw with it.
Cas @2023-09-06 22:32:48 UTC
I finally made some time to post a replay here! It definitely makes a huge difference to take the first turn, but before I did, I managed to make a blind NoRH replay, so I uploaded it too anyway.

1   KyLiE 1:35.80Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/RH2023-09-25
2   Alan Rotoi 1:38.80Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/RH2023-09-10
3   Duplode 1:43.45Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/NoRH2023-09-11
4   Erik Barros 1:43.65Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/RH2023-09-06
5   Cas 1:45.05Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/RH2023-09-06
6   sebastianali 1:47.85Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/NoRH2023-09-25
7   Spoonboy 1:48.50Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/RH2023-09-06
8   Igor 2:01.10Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/RH2023-09-02
   Cas 2:03.20Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/NoRH2023-09-06
9   Wesbat 2:06.60Lotus Esprit Turbo SEOWOOT/NoRH2023-09-25
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