Racing Challenge

Title: Highway
Author: KyLiE
Cars allowed: De Tomaso Pantera GTS
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2023-07-01 - 2023-07-26
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Cas @2023-07-26 20:06:04 UTC
Congrats, guys! It's been a very good race
KyLiE @2023-07-26 08:45:09 UTC
Thanks @Duplode! Well done to you and @Alan Rotoi! It was great to finally have the Pantera feature in a race.
Duplode @2023-07-25 22:28:14 UTC
Modest improvement, but I did get to have some fun trying to figure out the right amount of aggression. 1:30.xx feels like a strong NoRH time; nice job @KyLiE!
Cas @2023-07-21 00:30:41 UTC
It's true! Live races are very special. They convey a feeling of the community being really alive. They strengthen the bonds between members and the community itself.
Alan Rotoi @2023-07-16 18:00:46 UTC
@sebastianali, it doesn't matter which place you'll finish, the best of these live events is the adrenaline, the rush to race as fast as you can. It's only 12 minutes of racing that you are going to enjoy a lot.
sebastianali @2023-07-16 17:26:27 UTC
Thanks. It seems a little bit complicated to me however and I can't practice enough for due to my lack of time 😅 - I don't think I would participate, but I hope all of you guys enjoy it 👍
KyLiE @2023-07-16 09:24:35 UTC
@sebastianali, it looks good! As you mentioned, it's not perfect, but there are only a few places where the AI has gone wrong. Great work nonetheless! Losing Grip is the next scheduled live race. You'll need to register on the forum to participate. The racing format is explained in the Le endurance racing thread.
sebastianali @2023-07-15 22:57:55 UTC
What is Losing Grip? I have to create a new account, no?
sebastianali @2023-07-15 22:57:07 UTC
I'm again, and with a time at last (I was so busy these last few days, for a moment I thought I wouldn't upload anything). BTW, what did you think of my edit? You can use it if you want and of course give me suggestions or your thoughts
Duplode @2023-07-15 15:10:53 UTC
A little bit late, but I'm on the track
KyLiE @2023-07-12 05:12:08 UTC
@Thiagosb, I've sent you a private message regarding your replay.
Thiagosb @2023-07-11 11:20:09 UTC
Hello Cas, I tried to continue driving and then saving again, but it still shows the error. Here's the original file, since the first time it went to the evaluation screen before saving it was the track record I was trying to break with NoRH: https://ufile.io/nhjri21b
sebastianali @2023-07-11 06:56:00 UTC
I also tried to increase the resolution up to 1280x720 (original is 320x200) which really made my job harder, but at least it looks somewhat nice as a wallpaper without pillars or stretching. To make it not look very blurry, I used some filters to compensate, even though it isn't perfect. Hope you enjoy
sebastianali @2023-07-11 06:51:40 UTC
OK here we go (all of the pictures are in the same post): https://www.reddit.com/r/dosgames/comments/14w8y6s/stunts_ms_dos_recreated_backgrounds_in_169_wip/
KyLiE @2023-07-11 04:35:13 UTC
@sebastianali, sure, go ahead! If there's a lot of images, it might be better to link to the Reddit post itself.
Cas @2023-07-11 03:36:08 UTC
Let us know if this doesn't solve the problem, then maybe you can send us the replay some other way and we can inspect it to see why it's not being accepted. Also, if you haven't joined the community forum, I encourage you to do it!
Cas @2023-07-11 03:29:53 UTC
Welcome, @Thiagosb! Glad to have you here in our tournament This error means the replay was probably interrupted. It can be easily fixed. Just load it and rewind the last second or two seconds, then continue driving 'till the end. Make sure you wait 'till takes you back to the evaluation screen before saving the replay. If you press ESC before, the replay will end with fewer idle frames, which causes this problem.
Thiagosb @2023-07-11 01:56:01 UTC
Well it happened again... Trying to send records on the Default track, tried two different replays with two different times and it won't work...
Thiagosb @2023-07-11 01:01:39 UTC
Why this happens? The replay is fine - Error: Replay ends abruptly. It appears to not reach the finish line
sebastianali @2023-07-10 23:05:26 UTC
Wow, it was a long time I didn't connect here. I would try to do the race, hope I didn't lose my trick - BTW, can I show you guys a couple of pictures I uploaded in a Reddit post? I'm not trying to self-promote or making spam, I just thought it would be interesting for you. They are recreated images for that I made in 16:9, with slight upscaling. If I can't post it here, I understand.
KyLiE @2023-07-10 04:50:14 UTC
Thank you @Thiagosb and welcome! That's an impressive first attempt without replay handling. Well done!
Thiagosb @2023-07-09 18:42:06 UTC
Hello there. Just found out about this site today! Haven't played for years. Never drove a De Tomaso Pantera (or any of the modified cars) despite remembering its name in my childhood. So it was a bit of a challenge for me. I first played back in 1992 on my old PC. Loved this site. All the best for you.
KyLiE @2023-07-09 12:34:59 UTC
Thanks @Alan Rotoi! I wonder when @Duplode will join us.
Alan Rotoi @2023-07-08 23:07:32 UTC
Wow, very strong NoRH time by KyLiE!
Cas @2023-07-02 23:31:46 UTC
There, I posted my first blind NoRH time!
Alan Rotoi @2023-07-02 04:57:25 UTC
It looks like a NoRH-friendly track. I'll test it in the morning 😉

1   KyLiE 1:28.50De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/RH2023-07-25
2   Alan Rotoi 1:29.75De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/RH2023-07-16
   KyLiE 1:30.25De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/NoRH2023-07-25
3   Duplode 1:32.60De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/NoRH2023-07-25
4   Erik Barros 1:35.10De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/RH2023-07-24
5   Cas 1:36.80De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/RH2023-07-21
6   sebastianali 1:38.45De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/NoRH2023-07-15
7   Igor 1:39.90De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/RH2023-07-03
8   Thiagosb 1:40.10De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/NoRH2023-07-09
9   Spoonboy 1:40.45De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/RH2023-07-03
   Cas 1:42.20De Tomaso Pantera GTSOWOOT/NoRH2023-07-02
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