Racing Challenge

Title: In Your Eyes
Author: Duplode
Cars allowed: Melange XGT-88
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2023-04-01 - 2023-04-26
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Duplode @2023-04-26 23:52:34 UTC
Thanks @KyLiE — and thanks everyone for showing up at my guest track! ^_^
KyLiE @2023-04-26 23:34:20 UTC
With the Melange on track, it's no surprise to see @Alan Rotoi in first place with an impressive time. @Duplode came in second with an equally impressive time, considering that he didn't use replay handling. Congratulations guys!
Duplode @2023-04-25 23:48:34 UTC
So close, @Ayrton! And yeah, calling it a day on the track thinking someone's one second behind only to find it's one second ahead — I've done that a few times already...
Ayrton @2023-04-25 06:16:52 UTC
I tried my best to get that time on the track and then I noticed that @Igor was one second ahead of me.
Cas @2023-04-22 17:55:47 UTC
All replays verified, guys!
Duplode @2023-04-21 13:01:48 UTC
Four days to go, about time for some improvement
Cas @2023-04-15 18:31:13 UTC
Making some improvement here and verifying some replays. This track is very roller-coaster-y! Really enjoyable
KyLiE @2023-04-15 09:34:11 UTC
@Igor, unfortunately your replays are invalid since you go off-road in both of them.
Duplode @2023-04-07 00:26:52 UTC
Okay, here goes my first run. I like that comparison, @Alan Rotoi
sebastianali @2023-04-02 15:21:56 UTC
Ouch. Sorry. I would do another try.
Alan Rotoi @2023-04-02 14:27:43 UTC
While racing I had the feeling to be in an Indy Racing Cup track from 2003.
Alan Rotoi @2023-04-02 14:10:03 UTC
Yes, the official version of the car is the 19th Anniversary.
KyLiE @2023-04-02 11:30:45 UTC
@sebastianali, unfortunately your replay is invalid since you're not making any contact with the track at 0:31.80, just after the loop.
sebastianali @2023-04-02 04:00:51 UTC
Thanks for the answer. I didn't know that.
Duplode @2023-04-01 22:08:13 UTC
@sebastianali, sure! The different editions of the Melange are compatible with each other. (Also, the version available for download here is the 19th Anniversary one as well.)
sebastianali @2023-04-01 21:52:28 UTC
Can I use the Melange Anniversary Edition?
Cas @2023-04-01 17:09:41 UTC
Four second improvement on my second lap... very good
Cas @2023-04-01 17:03:20 UTC
Very fun track! Just posted my first blind lap
KyLiE @2023-04-01 00:08:41 UTC
This track was originally dreamt up for the De Tomaso Pantera GTS, but it grew too fast for that car to work well, so @Duplode elected to use the Melange XGT-88 instead. I hope you enjoy it!

1   Alan Rotoi 1:23.00Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2023-04-22
2   Duplode 1:25.60Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2023-04-25
3   KyLiE 1:26.45Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2023-04-25
4   Erik Barros 1:30.10Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2023-04-18
   KyLiE 1:30.45Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2023-04-01
5   Cas 1:31.80Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2023-04-22
6   sebastianali 1:31.90Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2023-04-06
   sebastianali 1:34.25Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2023-04-02
7   Igor 1:38.40Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2023-04-15
8   Ayrton 1:39.65Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2023-04-25
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