Racing Challenge

Title: Ecstasy '90s
Author: Cas
Cars allowed: Jaguar XJR9 IMSA
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2023-02-01 - 2023-02-26
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Cas @2023-02-28 23:51:31 UTC
I tried it when I was testing the track while I designed it. You can do it full speed, but you need to jump slightly to one side, and you'll remain partially over the paved road, so it will be valid. Still, slowing down may be easier because there's a corner shortly after.
KyLiE @2023-02-28 23:40:12 UTC
@Alan Rotoi, as long as your car remains in contact with the tarmac, your replay will be valid. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks as though you will need to slow down to achieve that.
Alan Rotoi @2023-02-28 21:16:16 UTC
Congrats guys, good race!! Wow, next track looks fun!! One question: What happens if I jump from the hill over the boulevard? Should I slow down and chose a way instead?
Cas @2023-02-27 02:51:43 UTC
Congratulations, guys! Great race! ... And that's a great video, @Overdrijf! I still have the work pending for my own video on Bliss. I think I'll ask you for some script-reading tips because I've been having a hard time with that and syncing it with what has to be shown on mine. You clearly are very good at this!
Duplode @2023-02-26 00:38:12 UTC
Thanks @KyLiE! This time I really thought I wasn't gonna make it, but it all came together at the eleventh hour!
KyLiE @2023-02-26 00:36:08 UTC
Congratulations to @Duplode and @Alan Rotoi! This was a difficult race without replay handling. Also, we saw @Erik Barros join us at Race For Kicks with a great performance. Well done!
KyLiE @2023-02-25 07:42:41 UTC
Great video @Overdrijf!
Overdrijf @2023-02-24 17:23:37 UTC
What's this, a Pro Academy episode with OWOOT driving, featuring a Race For Kicks track? Madness!  https://youtu.be/IcHfaXbKzO8
KyLiE @2023-02-21 14:14:08 UTC
Welcome @Erik Barros! Unfortunately your replay is invalid since you're not making any contact with the track when jumping onto the corner on the hill after the banked road. It's near the end of the replay though, so it shouldn't be too much effort to make it valid. Please have a look at the Rules section for further information.
Erik Barros @2023-02-21 05:13:54 UTC
Hello there!! I hope I managed to get the wheels on the rails.
Cas @2023-02-09 18:21:17 UTC
That is a very nice suggestion... I should consider it for the next R4K season!
sebastianali @2023-02-08 21:38:09 UTC
Thanks. Didn't know about the first one. Although it would be cool to have an organized website where everyone uploads tracks, with votation and a selection of the best ones. Dreaming costs nothing.
KyLiE @2023-02-08 13:32:10 UTC
@sebastianali, your best bet is our very own Forum and the various competition websites, all of which can be accessed via the Racing Portal. There is also a nice list of tried and tested custom cars on my website.
sebastianali @2023-02-08 04:18:09 UTC
Does someone know if there is a page or a community where users post their tracks and mods? Like the ZDoom forums or something like that? - If it exists that would be cool.
Cas @2023-02-04 17:06:31 UTC
It really isn't NoRH friendly. To insert the alternate path, I had to introduce some closed corners and didn't have much space. Please check on your replay. I'm afraid you drove on top of the tunnel
Alan Rotoi @2023-02-04 15:17:48 UTC
This is the only lap I could finish NoRH
Alan Rotoi @2023-02-04 15:15:48 UTC
Beautiful and fast track! Too hard for NoRH.
Duplode @2023-02-02 21:17:58 UTC
This reminds me of my very old track A-4, and its shortened version, A-6 ^_^
Cas @2023-02-01 03:49:43 UTC
Hi, everyone! This track is an oldie that I've modified for the tournament. The short path that's available is brand new and the longer, alternative path is what the track was in the '90s, when I made it. It was called "Éxtasis" back then. Hope you enjoy it!

1   Duplode 1:36.05Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2023-02-25
2   KyLiE 1:37.75Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2023-02-25
3   Alan Rotoi 1:40.90Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2023-02-04
4   Cas 1:42.00Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2023-02-04
5   sebastianali 1:42.75Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2023-02-08
6   Erik Barros 1:43.00Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2023-02-23
7   Igor 1:45.30Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2023-02-21
   sebastianali 1:45.80Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2023-02-02
8   Ralphy 1:46.50Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2023-02-02
9   afullo 1:48.40Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2023-02-06
10   Overdrijf 1:53.05Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2023-02-24
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