Racing Challenge

Title: Fiorano Circuit
Author: Ryoma
Cars allowed: Ferrari 456 GT
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2022-03-01 - 2022-03-26
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Ryoma @2022-03-26 13:28:47 UTC
Congratulations everybody. This time is better than the official time by more than 1 second....
KyLiE @2022-03-26 10:02:16 UTC
Thanks guys! I never thought that one day I'd be the fastest at Fiorano!
Alan Rotoi @2022-03-26 05:51:41 UTC
Congrats @dreadnaut, @Duplode, @KyLiE and @Ryoma!!
Cas @2022-03-26 00:27:29 UTC
Race over, all replays verified and all published! Thanks, @Ryoma, for this special track and car. Congratulations to @KyLiE, @Duplode and @dreadnaut for getting to this month's podium!
Cas @2022-03-25 23:55:19 UTC
Wow! Alright, I better wait for these last minutes to elapse and then check the replays
Alan Rotoi @2022-03-25 18:39:14 UTC
The track is very good for a road car like this. I enjoyed it a lot!
Alan Rotoi @2022-03-25 18:36:55 UTC
Last time lap!
Duplode @2022-03-25 15:19:35 UTC
Where has this month gone?! I'll try to find some improvement before the deadline tonight...
Ayrton @2022-03-25 10:46:13 UTC
I miss you @Igor!
Cas @2022-03-20 13:34:19 UTC
Just verified your replay, @dreadnaut!
Alan Rotoi @2022-03-20 03:35:15 UTC
5 days left!
dreadnaut @2022-03-18 19:34:13 UTC
I'm late! But here's a first replay 🚗
Ryoma @2022-03-17 19:19:48 UTC
Thank you... Maybe we can stop the race LOL
Cas @2022-03-17 01:04:27 UTC
Good to see you here, @Ryoma!
Ryoma @2022-03-16 17:37:09 UTC
Thanks... It's far from 1'35"
KyLiE @2022-03-16 16:42:12 UTC
Thanks for joining us @Ryoma! I've just verified your replay.
Ryoma @2022-03-16 14:00:08 UTC
I upload a replay. Some doubts at 1:18.3
Alan Rotoi @2022-03-13 04:48:25 UTC
Let's see it "tomorrow" in 7 hours 😊
Alan Rotoi @2022-03-13 04:47:19 UTC
Let's see if I can do it faster without RH. If not I will keep sending RH laps 😆
Ralphy @2022-03-04 11:23:59 UTC
My first ever upload with no replay handling!
Duplode @2022-03-04 00:07:22 UTC
Great! Let's get this beauty on the track!
Cas @2022-03-02 03:15:58 UTC
We have a new race! This time, we're featuring the Ferrari 456 GT by Ryoma, on a track also by him! I'll be verifying replays soon.

1   KyLiE 1:33.40Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/RH2022-03-25
2   Duplode 1:34.80Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/NoRH2022-03-25
3   dreadnaut 1:34.85Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/RH2022-03-20
4   Ryoma 1:36.00Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/RH2022-03-16
5   Alan Rotoi 1:36.75Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/NoRH2022-03-25
   KyLiE 1:36.95Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/NoRH2022-03-02
6   Cas 1:39.25Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/NoRH2022-03-04
7   Igor 1:40.10Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/RH2022-03-15
8   afullo 1:40.65Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/RH2022-03-14
   Alan Rotoi 1:41.20Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/RH2022-03-02
9   Ralphy 1:42.75Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/NoRH2022-03-04
10   Ayrton 1:44.95Ferrari 456 GTOWOOT/RH2022-03-25
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