Racing Challenge

Title: Scorching summer afternoon
Author: Cas
Created: 2022-1-12
Cars allowed: Melange XGT-88
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2022-02-01 - 2022-02-26
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Cas @2022-02-28 00:19:32 UTC
Alright... Once again, I've been updating the code. New bugs may have spawned. Do let me know, guys, if you happen to notice anything weird.
Cas @2022-02-26 02:15:09 UTC
The race is over! Congratulations to our podium racers of this event: @Duplode, @KyLiE and @KaoS! Glad that you've enjoyed this track. We have to get ready for the next challenge, as February is short!
Duplode @2022-02-26 00:50:08 UTC
This indeed is a very good track for the Melange, by the way; nice work @Cas!
Duplode @2022-02-24 22:04:16 UTC
It's a little later than "tomorrow", but here goes a lap!
Alan Rotoi @2022-02-20 17:11:31 UTC
Indeed! NoRH... It indicates a great knowledge of the game.
KyLiE @2022-02-20 16:34:37 UTC
That's an impressive time @KaoS!
Cas @2022-02-18 17:52:54 UTC
It's a great lap!
KaoS @2022-02-18 10:58:31 UTC
Well I did a NoRH. And it looks good.
Cas @2022-02-16 00:12:01 UTC
Glad that you were able to log in and participate, @ZdnBurns!
ZdnBurns @2022-02-15 16:25:13 UTC
Really great track! And the best car in my opinion! I'm very glad to enjoy the result of all good jobs this community has done!
dreadnaut @2022-02-14 20:06:37 UTC
Fun track, but no way I'm driving it NoRH
Duplode @2022-02-11 01:58:53 UTC
Trying to improve my GAR time on ReGeneration? a bit... I'll try to have an attempt on the new track tomorrow.
Ralphy @2022-02-01 03:13:56 UTC
Just LOVE this track! So fun and the car is excellent for it
Alan Rotoi @2022-02-01 02:38:20 UTC
Yay! ^_^ and we'll race with Melange... double yay!
Cas @2022-02-01 00:15:34 UTC
And we're on a new race! Get your Melange ready. I designed this track while I was suffering one of the hottest and most annoying days in several years, but I think I managed to make it enjoyable. You will judge!

1   Duplode 1:21.95Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-25
2   KyLiE 1:22.30Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-25
   Duplode 1:22.50Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-25
   Duplode 1:22.85Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-25
   Duplode 1:23.00Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-25
   Duplode 1:23.20Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-25
3   KaoS 1:23.60Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-16
   KyLiE 1:24.30Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-20
4   dreadnaut 1:24.70Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-14
5   Ralphy 1:27.80Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-01
6   Alan Rotoi 1:28.15Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-01
   KaoS 1:29.45Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2022-02-16
7   Igor 1:29.45Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-19
8   Cas 1:30.70Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-01
9   ZdnBurns 1:32.50Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-15
10   afullo 1:32.65Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2022-02-14
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