Racing Challenge

Title: Hidden Valley
Author: KyLiE
Created: 2021-3-14
Cars allowed: Porsche March Indy
Style: Free
Ran: 2021-12-01 - 2021-12-26
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KDC22 @2021-12-31 20:05:21 UTC
Happy New Year!!!
Duplode @2021-12-26 22:07:44 UTC
Congratulations to Alan for the win, and kudos to Cas and KyLiE for the successful season! See you all in 2022
Cas @2021-12-26 15:36:43 UTC
Thank you all, guys! Another season is complete. Glad to share another year with you. Let's head to the New Year!
KyLiE @2021-12-26 06:24:22 UTC
With Christmas over, so is the last race of 2021. Congratulations to @Alan Rotoi for winning his first race at Race For Kicks! @dreadnaut and @Duplode follow closely behind with identical lap times. Well done guys! Thank you to everyone for participating and I look forward to seeing you on the tarmac again in 2022!
Cas @2021-12-25 12:03:13 UTC
Merry Christmas, folks! I had to get up at 6:30 to work, but it's a peaceful day and I'm getting paid double, so no complaints! Besides, yesterday we had a nice night
KyLiE @2021-12-25 02:50:22 UTC
Merry Christmas everyone!
KDC22 @2021-12-24 08:31:30 UTC
Merry Xmas!!!!!
Duplode @2021-12-24 01:46:13 UTC
Greetings from Praia Grande! Here is a lap on a borrowed keyboard
Cas @2021-12-21 22:03:46 UTC
@KDC22 - That means that you probably hit ESC after crossing the finish line without letting the game finish normally. You can fix it. Just load the replay, go to the last second or two and then continue driving until it gets you back to the results screen. If all went well, save the replay and it should be accepted.
KDC22 @2021-12-20 18:51:16 UTC
Bliss.trk give me error: Replay ends abruptly. It appears to not reach the finish line I can't upload.
KDC22 @2021-12-20 18:37:38 UTC
True and McLaren simulated one McLaren I never drove a real sports car is light a normal car 900kg 1 TON. In a real car have to do with steering. A McLaren how to do? I don't know!! I can see the gear wheel cockpit transmission engine injection compression is very expensive!!!!
dreadnaut @2021-12-19 21:17:51 UTC
Another second and a half off, well done @Alan Rotoi! Hopefully I'll have time to respond to that
Cas @2021-12-19 21:09:13 UTC
And indeed, the Bliss track is not very flexible for most cars. I thought it should be in the permanent competition because it's the track that gave birth to the tournament. But you also have all original tracks there. If there's any other track that many of you would like to have there, just let us know.
Cas @2021-12-19 21:05:35 UTC
Great lap on the current race, @Alan Rotoi! It's been verified. Also, @KDC22 (Stan), glad to have you here for the permanent competition! Both replays from you have been verified. It's great that you use different cars and different styles. That makes the scoreboards richer.
KDC22 @2021-12-19 20:13:48 UTC
For me Ford Ranger is EXCEPTIONAL!!! 4 Bernies.trk DSI GUYS!!!!
KDC22 @2021-12-19 08:15:25 UTC
I print Bernies.png this permanent .TRK is more long!!!!
KDC22 @2021-12-18 17:59:29 UTC
The keyboard of my laptop have wrong letter because have a crazy Chinese keyboard !?! ?!?
KDC22 @2021-12-18 17:54:50 UTC
Hello I am here for permanent .TRK - I don't like this TRK because don't run fine on a 286 and I don't like Porsche March Indy - I don't understand because uploader accept R4K and not 4DS21 my hard drive is 21MB is full I can't replace 4DS21
KDC22 @2021-12-18 17:36:33 UTC
4DS21 give me not arrive at line is 11
Duplode @2021-12-12 16:20:29 UTC
Great idea to let the Indy rip through this track
dreadnaut @2021-12-05 19:07:19 UTC
I'm going to enjoy this track
Cas @2021-12-04 20:55:11 UTC
Had a busy end of the week. Now I'm here to post my first replay for this track!
Alan Rotoi @2021-12-03 22:47:09 UTC
Just Indy
Igor @2021-12-02 11:54:18 UTC
That last replay I posted (1:08.05) is actually a NoRH lap, I forgot to change it to NoRH when I first posted.
Igor @2021-12-01 13:13:10 UTC
Nice track with my favourite car. Thanks!
KyLiE @2021-12-01 00:08:17 UTC
The last race of the season has started! This track first appeared in round 4 of the Unskilled League earlier this year. It was originally designed for the Melange XGT-88, but this time we're racing with the Porsche March Indy, which opens up even more possibilities!

1   Alan Rotoi 0:30.50Porsche March IndyFree/RH2021-12-16
2   dreadnaut 0:31.95Porsche March IndyFree/RH2021-12-05
3   Duplode 0:31.95Porsche March IndyFree/RH2021-12-24
4   KyLiE 0:32.75Porsche March IndyFree/RH2021-12-25
5   Cas 0:52.50Porsche March IndyFree/RH2021-12-04
6   Igor 0:56.60Porsche March IndyFree/RH2021-12-04
7   afullo 1:04.95Porsche March IndyFree/RH2021-12-05
   Igor 1:08.05Porsche March IndyFree/NoRH2021-12-02
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