Racing Challenge

Title: The Rocky Drive
Author: Ralphy
Created: 2021-5-22
Cars allowed: Audi V8 Quattro DTM, BMW M3 E30 DTM, Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTM
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2021-06-01 - 2021-06-26
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1337haxoryt @2021-06-30 05:21:12 UTC
Honestly most of it seems like shifting into 1st and going to about 50,000,000RPM for engine braking
dreadnaut @2021-06-28 19:36:09 UTC
Well done @1337haxoryt! Download KyLiE's replay to discover his secrets
1337haxoryt @2021-06-26 01:02:04 UTC
Thanks, @KyLiE! Honestly just happy to be here. Congrats on your 2:10; I'm not sure how that was even possible!
KyLiE @2021-06-26 00:34:11 UTC
The race is over and all replays have been made public. @1337haxoryt, @dreadnaut and I ended up with podium positions. This is an amazing achievement by @1337haxoryt in only his first race! Well done!
1337haxoryt @2021-06-25 23:43:52 UTC
KyLiE @2021-06-25 23:06:13 UTC
Thanks @Duplode! Here is my eleventh-hour entry!
Duplode @2021-06-25 22:34:34 UTC
Here goes a late, late replay...
Cas @2021-06-22 22:24:13 UTC
Very active last days of the race!
1337haxoryt @2021-06-22 18:22:09 UTC
1337haxoryt @2021-06-22 18:21:56 UTC
Oh my god.
dreadnaut @2021-06-22 17:11:07 UTC
There's a couple of very narrow calls in the last corners, but hopefully my replay is valid
1337haxoryt @2021-06-20 16:26:50 UTC
KyLiE @2021-06-20 06:22:15 UTC
Great driving @1337haxoryt! I've just verified your most recent replays.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-20 03:29:03 UTC
Ughhhh finally .1 sec lead - This hurt.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-20 03:24:49 UTC
Literally .05 sec behind.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-20 03:24:40 UTC
I am in severe pain right now.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-20 02:42:36 UTC
Smaaaall improvements.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-20 02:25:14 UTC
Time to try and handle my previous replay to death, only to realize I've wasted time to get a slower time.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-20 02:20:58 UTC
Cas @2021-06-20 02:07:15 UTC
Wooohooo! I managed to do it myself! It's not much margin and you guys still have time, though! I don't think I can do it much better.
Cas @2021-06-20 01:49:59 UTC
1337haxoryt @2021-06-19 05:29:03 UTC
Too bad I'm likely going to be surpassed by someone before the race ends.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-19 05:24:19 UTC
1337haxoryt @2021-06-19 05:16:33 UTC
Slowly shaving time off - I think it's mostly thanks to getting faster in that pesky first slalom and elevated corner jump. I could certainly improve on the post jump and tunnel corners though.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-19 04:58:47 UTC
Ooh man, I'm getting nervous - This is pretty close!
Cas @2021-06-19 02:02:24 UTC
This new lap with the BMW, I'm surprised. On my very first attempt, I achieved a good time, comparable to yours, guys. Only at the end, I went off-road and had to fix that.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-18 00:03:21 UTC
Hey, better late than never, right @Cas? Can't wait to see what the upcoming races bring to the table. Trust me, I'm loving this place!
Cas @2021-06-17 23:42:22 UTC
Nice to see you here, @1337haxoryt! Just verified your most recent replay You caught this race in its last days but there's still half a season ahead! Hope you enjoy Race For Kicks
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 23:21:36 UTC
My skill has all but disappeared it seems, but I'm happy with the times I've got. Especially the 2:21.10.
KyLiE @2021-06-17 06:58:17 UTC
Welcome @1337haxoryt! Thank you for posting and I'm glad you like the track! I've reviewed your replays and verified all but two. You'll receive messages explaining why. Great driving otherwise!
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 03:42:42 UTC
Oops, just re-read the freestyle rules, and I somehow never previously noticed that penalty time isn't allowed. Guess I'll make a legit lap.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 02:18:25 UTC
Watch my latest replay at around 1:55ish, I am in complete amazement that I made this turn.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 02:08:04 UTC
I am in love with the V8Q DTM, as it's rather close to my 1995 Audi A6Q.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 01:46:30 UTC
Wow, this track is pretty fun! I'm not exactly sure how some things didn't register as a crash though.
Cas @2021-06-13 20:50:19 UTC
Here I go with a Mercedes lap!
Cas @2021-06-06 23:55:03 UTC
Just verified your replays!
Igor @2021-06-06 10:29:48 UTC
I'm glad to see you back Ayrton, we missed you!
Ayrton @2021-06-05 01:24:07 UTC
Hello! I hope you are all doing well on the track.
dreadnaut @2021-06-01 16:53:11 UTC
Here's my first one too!
Cas @2021-06-01 02:52:01 UTC
Alright! I'm sending my first replay. I think this one could be greatly improved
KyLiE @2021-06-01 00:00:51 UTC
A new race has started on a new track by @Ralphy! You can use any of the DTM cars for this one. Enjoy!

1   KyLiE 2:10.35BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-25
2   dreadnaut 2:16.60BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-22
3   1337haxoryt 2:18.15BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-20
   1337haxoryt 2:18.40BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-20
   1337haxoryt 2:18.50BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-20
4   Cas 2:18.60BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-20
   1337haxoryt 2:18.65BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-20
   1337haxoryt 2:18.75BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-20
   1337haxoryt 2:18.95BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-19
   KyLiE 2:19.10BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/NoRH2021-06-04
5   Duplode 2:19.70Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/NoRH2021-06-25
   1337haxoryt 2:20.05BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-19
   1337haxoryt 2:20.40Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-18
   Cas 2:20.80BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-19
   1337haxoryt 2:21.10Audi V8 Quattro DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-17
   dreadnaut 2:21.25Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-01
   1337haxoryt 2:21.35Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-18
   1337haxoryt 2:21.40Audi V8 Quattro DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-17
   1337haxoryt 2:23.00BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-17
6   afullo 2:23.50BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-11
7   Igor 2:23.65BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-06
   1337haxoryt 2:23.85Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-17
8   Ralphy 2:25.00Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-05
   Cas 2:25.10Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-13
   afullo 2:26.50BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-06
   1337haxoryt 2:27.70Audi V8 Quattro DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-17
   Ralphy 2:28.25Audi V8 Quattro DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-04
   1337haxoryt 2:28.50BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-17
   Cas 2:30.10Audi V8 Quattro DTMOWOOT/RH2021-06-01
9   Ayrton 3:17.10Audi V8 Quattro DTMOWOOT/NoRH2021-06-05
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