Racing Challenge

Title: Hispania
Author: Cas
Created: 2020-12-29
Cars allowed: Porsche 962 IMSA
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2021-01-01 - 2021-01-26
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KyLiE @2021-01-27 14:20:29 UTC
It's quite an achievement, well done @afullo!
afullo @2021-01-27 11:35:32 UTC
My first individual podium in a competition! (excluding Zak's newbie league)
Cas @2021-01-27 03:11:28 UTC
Nice racing, guys!
KyLiE @2021-01-27 01:00:17 UTC
The first race of the season is over and all replays have been made public. @afullo, @Duplode and I ended up with podium positions, all with replays posted on the last day! Also, it's great to see the mid-scoreboard rivalry between @Igor and @Ralphy.
Cas @2021-01-25 23:03:54 UTC
Thank you, guys
Duplode @2021-01-25 17:15:33 UTC
I'm so sorry, @Cas. Much love to you and your family ❤️
afullo @2021-01-25 10:08:33 UTC
Condolences, @Cas.
KyLiE @2021-01-25 09:50:35 UTC
@Cas, I'm sorry to hear that. Don't worry about the website, it's all under control. Go and be with your family and take as much time as you need. We'll all be thinking of you.
Cas @2021-01-25 04:08:42 UTC
Guys, I'll probably be a little absent. My grandmother passed away today. I'll still be checking, but maybe not that frequently for a few days
Ralphy @2021-01-23 13:36:18 UTC
@Igor.. It took me quite some time this month.. but GOTCHA!
Ralphy @2021-01-21 09:55:54 UTC
2nd Upload attempt!
Cas @2021-01-21 07:24:46 UTC
Oops... I said the Jaguar. Well, the Porsche 962 is a great car too. The best alternative to the Indy that's non-PG among the original cars - @Duplode, I think I should try once more too!
Duplode @2021-01-20 23:54:28 UTC
Five days left! I'll try to have a second go at some point over the weekend.
Cas @2021-01-19 05:16:38 UTC
The Jaguar is my favourite among original cars
Ayrton @2021-01-17 23:52:29 UTC
@Cas, I like the car that you chose for this track.
Cas @2021-01-10 02:14:25 UTC
Verified! Thanks for joining season 2021
dreadnaut @2021-01-09 21:05:23 UTC
Hello and Happy New Year! Sorry I'm late for the season start
Cas @2021-01-04 19:17:41 UTC
Yes! Happy Birthday!
Igor @2021-01-04 13:25:25 UTC
Happy birthday Ayrton!
Ayrton @2021-01-03 10:09:53 UTC
I tried very hard on this track and I used replay handling. My first try was 2:01 and then my second go was 1:53. I like the straight bit at the start. Happy New Year and it's my birthday tomorrow! Tomorrow I am 7. I hope you all had a great Christmas. Thank you @Cas for the awesome track!
Ralphy @2021-01-03 09:33:10 UTC
2021 Track attempt #1 .. POSTED! Happy New Year all
Duplode @2021-01-02 23:45:00 UTC
Here goes my first lap of the year. Happy 2021!
Cas @2021-01-01 22:47:49 UTC
Verified! I just posted my own too
Igor @2021-01-01 02:22:49 UTC
Happy New Year all! I just had a crack at the track and posted the first replay.
KyLiE @2021-01-01 01:38:15 UTC
Happy New Year! @Cas, the track looks good! Best wishes for your grandmother.
Cas @2021-01-01 00:04:03 UTC
And we have a first race of season 2021!!!! I hope you guys like it. I designed this track to honour my grandmother, whose health is not great right now, so I wish the best for her.

1   KyLiE 1:10.70Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2021-01-25
2   Duplode 1:10.85Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2021-01-25
3   afullo 1:11.20Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2021-01-25
4   dreadnaut 1:12.65Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2021-01-09
   KyLiE 1:12.90Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2021-01-02
5   Ralphy 1:15.95Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2021-01-23
6   Cas 1:16.65Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2021-01-09
7   Igor 1:16.65Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2021-01-10
   Cas 1:20.40Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2021-01-09
8   Ayrton 1:34.90Porsche 962 IMSAOWOOT/RH2021-01-17
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