Racing Challenge

Title: Pacific
Author: KyLiE
Cars allowed: McLaren Honda MP4/4
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2020-12-01 - 2020-12-26
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Cas @2020-12-31 22:50:35 UTC
Happy New Year! I can see that Australia and New Zealand, all of Asia and half of Africa are already in 2021 Now the line is about to pass over Europe and we're going to have a new season when it crosses UTC!
Cas @2020-12-26 05:49:25 UTC
All replays are public now!
KyLiE @2020-12-26 03:45:49 UTC
Thanks @Duplode, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Congratulations @Seeker1982 and well done @Igor for an impressive first race!
Cas @2020-12-26 00:58:03 UTC
Some lap time behind the leading group, follow @Cas, @Igor, @afullo, @Overdrijf, @Ralphy, @Octavius, @Ayrton and @Lulisa, completing arguably the highest participation in the history of R4K! The McLaren Hondas return to their boxes after this unique endurance race. We look forward to seeing you all back in the coming 2021 season!
Cas @2020-12-26 00:53:50 UTC
Merry Christmas and thank you all for the superb activity! It's been a wonderful race! After a very difficult battle between @Seeker1982 and @KyLiE, the former secured his race title. @KyLiE stands barely less than a second behind. @dreadnaut completes the podium with @Duplode following pretty close!
Duplode @2020-12-25 23:15:04 UTC
Okay, I think I'm really done now We had a very nice season; I'm looking forward to 2021!
Cas @2020-12-25 22:40:58 UTC
I managed to come here before the race ended. All replays verified!
Seeker1982 @2020-12-25 20:35:44 UTC
Just uploaded my last hurrah in Stunts - a NoRH-Lap
Duplode @2020-12-25 20:11:39 UTC
This has been one of my favourite races of late, and I'm glad I could spend some time on it over this week. The track is both challenging and enjoyable (not an easy thing to achieve with 5+ minutes NoRH laps!), and the McLaren fits it like a glove. Congratulations @KyLiE!
KyLiE @2020-12-25 13:05:07 UTC
Replay verified @Duplode! Merry Christmas everyone!
Cas @2020-12-24 23:28:57 UTC
Thanks for posting. Guys, I'll be reviewing replays probably once the race is already over, so be careful to check on your laps if you can!
Duplode @2020-12-24 23:21:42 UTC
One more lap before dinner... Merry Christmas!
Duplode @2020-12-24 18:30:43 UTC
A tip for any eleventh-hour challengers: the boulevard-on-a-hill trap can be beaten by sticking to the edge of the road as you take the jump. By doing so, you can fly past the divider with two wheels over the road.
Cas @2020-12-24 04:08:38 UTC
At this point, some of you will reach Christmas very soon, so I hurry up here to wish you all have a Merry Christmas and despite any restrictions, can enjoy some time with your family and/or friends!!!!
Cas @2020-12-23 23:05:59 UTC
Just checked both replays! Nice NoRH laps, guys. Unfortunately, @Seeker1982, the boulevard on the hill claimed your replay this time! That stunt has had several victims throughout this race!
Seeker1982 @2020-12-23 19:00:10 UTC
New NoRH-lap from me hope it's valid
Overdrijf @2020-12-23 10:28:07 UTC
@Ralphy: I think you have enough skill left to get 2.5 more seconds out of it. Elevated corners are always a good place to start looking.
Cas @2020-12-22 06:52:35 UTC
I checked all replays. All final replays are verified! @Seeker1982 - you're going to get two automated PMs saying two replays were rejected, but those are superseded, so that's fine!
Duplode @2020-12-22 00:20:03 UTC
Joining @Octavius, @Lulisa, @Igor and all of you with a LeStunts-esque RH lap. What a beautiful scoreboard!
Ralphy @2020-12-21 02:53:53 UTC
I think that last upload used up all the skill I have in this game
Ayrton @2020-12-20 11:00:04 UTC
KyLiE @2020-12-20 10:38:04 UTC
Verified @Ralphy! Looks like there is a mid-scoreboard battle going on!
Ralphy @2020-12-20 10:03:03 UTC
Gotcha @Igor !!
KyLiE @2020-12-20 03:48:34 UTC
Thanks @Ayrton! I just verified your replay.
Ayrton @2020-12-20 03:38:07 UTC
I really like this track. Merry Christmas!
Cas @2020-12-20 00:06:47 UTC
I verified your replay, @afullo, and also the new one by @Igor. For @Ralphy, unfortunately, the boulevard strikes again It really is a deadly trap. You can drive and not realise you overflew it!
afullo @2020-12-19 22:04:30 UTC
@Cas Ok, what I said is written as a free OWOOT rule, not a strict OWOOT one. I reposted the lap, using a boulevard division to jump and accelerate, which is allowed also within the rules of R4K...
Igor @2020-12-19 08:09:52 UTC
Thanks Cas, I'm glad it passed!
Cas @2020-12-18 23:12:29 UTC
@Igor - I just verified your newer replays! @afullo - I re-read the rules to make sure. As I understand it, the Speed-ups section says the boulevard division does not count as track. This is why @KyLiE warned at the beginning of the race against this boulevard in the hill. Anyway, because of these things, I have many times considered switching to a Free OWOOT format, but the general consensus is that racers actually want Strict OWOOT. I'm sorry. I know it's a long race to redo.
afullo @2020-12-18 10:40:24 UTC
@Cas! 😜 I see, but in the rules, it is explicitly said that flying over a boulevard is OK... 😁
Cas @2020-12-18 03:22:27 UTC
Hey, @afullo! Another victim of this race I just checked your replay and you're off-road briefly because you overfly the centre of a boulevard. Hope you have the time to re-post! I know it's a long track
Cas @2020-12-17 02:05:13 UTC
Welcome, @Igor! Thanks for joining us on this race. I've been watching both of your replays and in both, there's a brief moment when your car goes off-road. The older replay has this point closer to the end of the race, which would make it easier to correct.
Cas @2020-12-09 20:22:46 UTC
Ah, I know what you mean! The first time I tried it with no sound, I didn't expect it'd make such a difference, but it does. Unconsciously, I was using sound as an important guide to drive. :O
dreadnaut @2020-12-08 19:16:10 UTC
Oh, I just happened to have no headphones around. It's an interesting handicap. The second lap was back to normal though!
Cas @2020-12-08 06:50:37 UTC
I just updated my lap. Why no-audio, @dreadnaut? Welcome @Octavius and welcome back @Lulisa (Bienvenida de vuelta). To everybody else, they are my brother and niece!
Octavius @2020-12-08 04:01:23 UTC
Proud to be part of this community!
Lulisa @2020-12-08 03:31:03 UTC
dreadnaut @2020-12-06 21:37:01 UTC
No-audio lap!
KyLiE @2020-12-01 00:20:04 UTC
Watch out for the divided road on top of the hill, just after the first set of buildings. You might fly right over the middle of it, making your replay invalid. Good luck!
Cas @2020-12-01 00:14:44 UTC
And it's started! The last race of the 2020 season is an edurance challenge on a track designed by KyLiE. And it's the first time the McLaren Honda is featured in Race For Kicks! We figure this is a great way to celebrate the holiday season and to say goodbye to the year!

1   Seeker1982 5:09.95McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-25
2   KyLiE 5:10.50McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-25
3   dreadnaut 5:18.85McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-07
4   Duplode 5:20.10McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-22
   Duplode 5:21.70McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/NoRH2020-12-25
   Seeker1982 5:23.60McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/NoRH2020-12-25
5   Cas 5:30.45McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-22
6   Igor 5:59.20McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-21
7   afullo 5:59.40McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-19
8   Overdrijf 6:08.45McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/NoRH2020-12-23
9   Ralphy 6:10.95McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-21
10   Octavius 6:45.55McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-08
11   Ayrton 8:32.75McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-20
12   Lulisa 8:59.65McLaren Honda MP4/4OWOOT/RH2020-12-08
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