Racing Challenge

Title: Cavallino Rampante
Author: KyLiE
Created: 2020-10-25
Cars allowed: Ferrari GTO
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2020-11-01 - 2020-11-26
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Cas @2020-11-29 19:37:33 UTC
Great that you're back in your account! We start getting ready for the last race of the season!
Overdrijf @2020-11-29 15:42:13 UTC
Sorry, I didn't look at it for a few days. I got back in. Thanks for the offer.
Cas @2020-11-28 02:31:37 UTC
It was some work and there may be bugs, but links and mentions should be functional now. Thanks to @dreadnaut for his help on this. An option in your profile allows to enable/disable auto-embedding 3rd party images and videos. It's not perfect, but it does the thing
Cas @2020-11-26 06:54:19 UTC
Alright! Another race has ended. All replays published! - I've also been making some changes in the site. There's more going on than what it looks and I still have a lot to do
Cas @2020-11-23 02:36:43 UTC
Duplode @2020-11-23 01:34:22 UTC
Not much time left to improve, but anyway there's no way I'm missing the GTO round
dreadnaut @2020-11-20 19:41:49 UTC
I drove a new lap... and got exactly the same time 😅
Cas @2020-11-18 06:25:44 UTC
I try and I try and not only I can't get higher in the scoreboard, but I don't even seem to be able to get a better lap than the one I posted! Ha, ha.... My first tries on a track tend to be my best as well, for some reason.
Ayrton @2020-11-05 23:55:21 UTC
I like Stunts. I tried my best on this track but it is really hard!
Ralphy @2020-11-05 08:00:01 UTC
WOW.. That track :| :O
dreadnaut @2020-11-01 11:00:50 UTC
I'm here! 👋
Cas @2020-11-01 02:51:26 UTC
And here I am, posting my first replay for this race!
KyLiE @2020-11-01 00:00:14 UTC
A new race has started on a new track! This time we'll be driving the legendary Ferrari GTO. Enjoy!

1   KyLiE 2:02.95Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2020-11-25
2   Seeker1982 2:03.60Ferrari GTOOWOOT/NoRH2020-11-18
   Seeker1982 2:04.15Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2020-11-17
3   Duplode 2:07.65Ferrari GTOOWOOT/NoRH2020-11-23
4   dreadnaut 2:10.05Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2020-11-01
   KyLiE 2:10.65Ferrari GTOOWOOT/NoRH2020-11-01
5   afullo 2:16.45Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2020-11-25
6   Cas 2:16.70Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2020-11-01
7   Ralphy 2:19.75Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2020-11-05
8   Ayrton 2:51.55Ferrari GTOOWOOT/RH2020-11-05
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