Racing Challenge

Title: White Leaf Desert
Author: Cas
Created: 2019-7-30
Cars allowed: Jaguar XJR9 IMSA
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2019-08-08 - 2019-08-26
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Cas @2019-08-30 18:53:04 UTC
Uhm... the messaging system failed again. I wonder what the problem is. Still, I'll just rewrite it. It's truly rudimentary anyway.
Cas @2019-08-26 02:37:13 UTC
Alright! Race closed and all replays published! Thanks for participating. So... one of you guys had expressed interest in posting a track for next month?
Overdrijf @2019-08-25 20:08:21 UTC
I got to the finish line 12 times in today's session. The fastest time fast attempt 2, the fastest valid time was number 3 (tied with 7). I might be doing this optimization thing wrong.
Cas @2019-08-23 23:27:42 UTC
Thanks for posting, Seeker! With all the difficulties, you're still leading the scoreboard You probably noticed this server can hold the session for longer too.
Seeker1982 @2019-08-22 21:00:18 UTC
forgot: I'm quite sure I didn't drive the fastest way around since I had to fight quite a bit for my times
Seeker1982 @2019-08-22 20:59:06 UTC
just uploaded one RH and one NoRH-Replay; first try on this track today due to the hosting issues you had and personal issues I had
dosbox92 @2019-08-14 16:23:05 UTC
Yes Cas!
Cas @2019-08-10 21:01:06 UTC
Verified, Duplode and Dosbox! Dosbox: your replays are new ones!
dosbox92 @2019-08-10 12:10:37 UTC
And these are mine!
Duplode @2019-08-10 01:30:32 UTC
Here goes mine!
Cas @2019-08-10 00:26:54 UTC
Guys, do you still have the replays you had posted here for this race? I have the files, because I verified them, but I don't remember which were RH and NoRH
Cas @2019-08-09 22:45:28 UTC
Checking date and time again...
Cas @2019-08-09 15:20:21 UTC
Checking date and time....
afullo @2019-08-09 04:53:22 UTC
Welcome back!
Cas @2019-08-08 19:50:41 UTC
Alright, we've back up!

1   Seeker1982 1:07.35Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2019-08-22
2   dosbox92 1:08.60Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2019-08-10
   Seeker1982 1:09.20Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2019-08-22
   dosbox92 1:09.35Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2019-08-10
3   Duplode 1:10.10Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2019-08-10
4   dreadnaut 1:12.85Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2019-08-25
5   Overdrijf 1:13.05Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2019-08-25
6   Cas 1:14.10Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2019-08-08
   Cas 1:16.70Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/NoRH2019-08-08
7   afullo 1:24.70Jaguar XJR9 IMSAOWOOT/RH2019-08-23
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