Racing Challenge

Title: Not quite Default
Author: DSI & Cas
Created: 2019-6-29
Cars allowed: Audi V8 Quattro DTM, BMW M3 E30 DTM, Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTM
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2019-06-30 - 2019-07-26
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Cas @2019-07-25 23:45:27 UTC
Thank you, Afullo! Verified as well!
Cas @2019-07-22 07:12:17 UTC
Duplode @2019-07-21 21:26:18 UTC
I love the blue/yellow colour scheme of the DTM Mercedes. It reminds me of the yellow race modification for the Mercedes SLK, which used to be one of my favourite Gran Turismo 2 cars back in the day.
Cas @2019-07-10 23:55:14 UTC
Thank you, Dreadnaut. I'll create a topic in the forum about these things to further expand and see what comes out of it and it'd be nice to read your opinions and suggestions as well as Seeker's!
dreadnaut @2019-07-09 19:25:20 UTC
Hello! Here I am I don't mind having to retype the password, I use KeePass and it takes one keypress. Password managers are a very important piece of the security landscape, both at work and at home. Happy to discuss more on the Forum!
Cas @2019-07-08 22:53:36 UTC
On the other hand, if you explain me how, I could do what you request. Just write to me via PM in the forum and let me know here that you did so and I'll check it
Cas @2019-07-08 22:53:08 UTC
To be honest, Seeker... I don't know how to do that, ha, ha . I just use PHP SESSION variables to hold the login. I know this automatically creates cookies, but I don't know how to handle that. One thing I know and could do would be that you could choose for your username to log in as IP-based, although that's risky, but well, this isn't so much of a serious system anyway. That way, you would remain logged in as long as you keep the same IP.
Seeker1982 @2019-07-08 18:15:54 UTC
I've just uploaded a new NoRH-Lap and I've also marked my RH-Lap as public. Also I have a technical request (I'm a SystemEngineer for IT-Networks): The Login-Credentials for this site seem to be only 1h valid, can you change it to at least a day or say - it's quite annoying to have to reenter the credentials virtually everytime you want to type or upload anything - for this reason cookies with reasonable long validity-time were invented (on some sites the credentials are stored for months)
Cas @2019-07-06 01:12:02 UTC
Seeker... I finally found the time to verify the replays. The RH one (the fastest one) is perfect. The NoRH does still have a moment off-road. It's again the corner border. I included the period of time in which there's no contact. Note that, as long as one pixel of the car is touching a pixel of the road main material, that's valid.
Seeker1982 @2019-07-05 13:22:51 UTC
The 2 laps I've send in some days ago should be valid
Cas @2019-07-04 19:51:12 UTC
Seeker... indeed, only the gray (paved), brown (dirt) or white (icy) part of the road is considered valid in the current rules.
Seeker1982 @2019-07-02 18:38:21 UTC
anyone breaking through the 1:10 wall?
Seeker1982 @2019-07-02 08:21:48 UTC
@Cas i don't see there I'm supposed to be off track, or do you consider the curbs as off track?
Cas @2019-07-02 01:34:59 UTC
There you are: one with each car, plus one NoRH
Cas @2019-07-02 01:21:02 UTC
Seeker, I found an off-road moment in your replay. Please check it. It's near the end so you can fix it from there, although that would make it a RH replay. I've send my first replay with the Audi. It's just my first try and I picked the wrong path so it's pretty slow. It also has an "almost" off-track moment, so I'll race again.
Seeker1982 @2019-07-01 23:28:04 UTC
Default was for many years pretty much the only track I did - I tested out how fast each default car can go round here
Cas @2019-07-01 21:42:24 UTC
Yeah, I thought Default was present in many tournaments... so why not in mine? And just in case, I decided to make a couple of fixes to it
Overdrijf @2019-07-01 20:02:56 UTC
But it's kind of nice to have a track without a hundred hard combinations. Good times for NoRH. (Also, weeeeeeee!, I get to race the Mercedes again!)
Overdrijf @2019-07-01 05:21:30 UTC
Okay, this one is a bit of a mindfuck.

1   Seeker1982 1:09.85Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2019-07-02
   Seeker1982 1:11.65Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/NoRH2019-07-08
2   Duplode 1:12.45Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/NoRH2019-07-21
3   dreadnaut 1:13.90Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2019-07-09
4   Cas 1:15.10BMW M3 E30 DTMOWOOT/RH2019-07-02
5   Overdrijf 1:16.00Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/NoRH2019-07-01
   Cas 1:16.65Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2019-07-02
   Cas 1:17.35Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/NoRH2019-07-02
6   afullo 1:19.50Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2019-07-25
   Cas 1:36.70Audi V8 Quattro DTMOWOOT/RH2019-07-02
7   Lulisa 2:04.60Mercedes-Benz 190 E DTMOWOOT/RH2019-07-09
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