Racing Challenge

Title: Daifuku
Author: Cas
Created: 2019-4-30
Cars allowed: Melange XGT-88
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2019-04-30 - 2019-05-26
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Cas @2019-05-31 20:47:52 UTC
Don't worry, mate. Another one will be starting soon
afullo @2019-05-29 13:19:27 UTC
Sorry, I missed it again! My wife is pregnant, so I had little time...
Cas @2019-05-26 02:07:13 UTC
All replays published!
Cas @2019-05-26 02:01:50 UTC
Just before closing! I'll verify your replays, guys!
Duplode @2019-05-25 23:58:55 UTC
Okay, that's a little more like it.
Duplode @2019-05-25 23:18:02 UTC
A listfiller, just so I don't miss the race again. I'll attempt a second lap if I get back to my computer in time...
Cas @2019-05-15 23:54:12 UTC
There! I was able to do it today!
Cas @2019-05-15 23:39:08 UTC
I don't know if I'll be able to do verification tonight. If I can't, it'll be tomorrow
Cas @2019-05-13 21:30:23 UTC
Verified, KaoS!
Cas @2019-05-11 00:25:34 UTC
Verified! Why NoSound?
dreadnaut @2019-05-09 23:18:54 UTC
Here's a NoRH + NoSound lap :-)
Seeker1982 @2019-05-04 20:15:15 UTC
and new fast NoRH-Lap posted; I'll make it public asap as well
Seeker1982 @2019-05-04 19:42:12 UTC
NoRH-replay error confirmed; I'll soon post a new one; btw: I decided to make my RH-replay public so others have a chance
Cas @2019-05-04 01:21:23 UTC
Ah! Seeker! The RH replay is perfect, but there's an off-road moment in the NoRH replay at a banked turn. Please check it to confirm. I've specified the exact time in the Scoreboard.
Cas @2019-05-04 01:14:28 UTC
That's a very likely thing. I'll check that guys. Thanks! But first, I'll do the RPL review
Seeker1982 @2019-05-03 20:56:28 UTC
and the first sub 1:30
afullo @2019-05-03 20:19:45 UTC
PS: If I go on "Current Race", the current date is given as 2019-05-03 08:18:13; maybe you used h (which is for the 12-hour format) instead of H (which is for the 24-hour one) when stating how to visualize the number relative to the hours.
afullo @2019-05-03 20:17:01 UTC
Thanks, that was a great step! I will be of the race soon
Seeker1982 @2019-05-02 20:27:51 UTC
and the first time/replay is posted - a NoRH-Lap
Cas @2019-05-01 04:06:08 UTC
By the way, the new race has started!
Duplode @2019-05-01 00:46:42 UTC
That's awesome, Afullo; congratulations! Plus you have a much better excuse for missing the race than mine...

1   Seeker1982 1:29.60Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2019-05-03
   Seeker1982 1:31.05Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2019-05-04
2   Overdrijf 1:31.35Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2019-05-24
3   Duplode 1:34.05Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2019-05-25
4   Cas 1:35.85Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2019-05-04
5   KaoS 1:36.25Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2019-05-14
   Duplode 1:36.55Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2019-05-25
   KaoS 1:38.10Melange XGT-88OWOOT/RH2019-05-13
   Cas 1:42.50Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2019-05-04
6   dreadnaut 1:45.75Melange XGT-88OWOOT/NoRH2019-05-09
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