Racing Challenge

Title: Pipey
Author: Cas
Created: 2019-3-29
Cars allowed: Speedgate XSD
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2019-03-31 - 2019-04-26
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Cas @2019-04-30 06:49:31 UTC
Ah! Congratulations, Afullo! Don't worry. Next race will feature the Melange. It'll be fun!
afullo @2019-04-29 09:22:10 UTC
Sorry if I didn't race this month, but I was too busy with my wedding...
Cas @2019-04-25 20:23:56 UTC
I tried to make that point clear, but it looks like the more words I write about it, the more confusing it gets, ha, ha. Yes, here the important thing is: first, that at all times, the car remains on or over the track; and second, that all stunts are executed. Speed-ups are allowed.
Overdrijf @2019-04-25 20:23:35 UTC
Speeds ups are allowed, as long as you follow any "normal"/non-shortcut route through the obstacle (there are no shortcuts through a pipe) and stay OWOOT.
Seeker1982 @2019-04-25 19:53:25 UTC
sorry for the spam(?) but I have a rule-question: Is it allowed to use the entrance of the pipe for speeding up as long as you stay in the pipe? I have a hard time understanding the rules in that matter, and I'm afraid that my 2 replays I just send in today are invalid
Seeker1982 @2019-04-25 19:11:20 UTC
And a even faster RH-Lap: a 1:11,80
Seeker1982 @2019-04-25 18:48:32 UTC
I just uploaded a quick last minute update of my RH-Lap - 1:12,55
Overdrijf @2019-04-25 11:32:12 UTC
I am doing NoRH this month. When you have no replay, you have no replay. But I managed to settle for a replay that loses quite some time being more and more cautious towards the end.
Cas @2019-04-24 23:34:03 UTC
Hey! Hope to see your replay soon. We're a day and a half before the race closes! I better drop a message in Zak shoutbox about that
Overdrijf @2019-04-24 19:33:25 UTC
(Okay, maybe it was closer to one hour.)
Overdrijf @2019-04-24 19:30:39 UTC
That split road section before the megajump... If I could strangle track elements, I would. The first gear bug helps, good thing I checked here after a few hours of playing.
Cas @2019-04-17 23:39:51 UTC
After several attempts, I was able to make a replay one second shorter than the one I posted, only to realise later that I had forgotten it had to be OWOOT, ha, ha!
dreadnaut @2019-04-16 23:01:41 UTC
Come on Cas, with a small effort you should at least reach my public replay. But first step, first-gear bug and at least 1'18!
Cas @2019-04-10 01:16:05 UTC
I improved my time a little bit, but no way I can catch you... and I can see your replays!!! Ha, ha, ha
Cas @2019-04-10 00:30:49 UTC
Hey, guys! Just verified the replays. Dreadnaut's replay is perfectly valid, but yes, I see where it was just pixels from the border, ha, ha. I left the old one in the scoreboard because it's public so it remains visible.
Seeker1982 @2019-04-07 09:43:58 UTC
and a 1:13,90 in my 2nd run with powergear - the 1:14,05 literally was my first run with powergear
Seeker1982 @2019-04-07 09:36:39 UTC
1:14,05 in RH-Lap with new found power gear
dreadnaut @2019-04-06 22:21:03 UTC
I made my previous replay public to give you a better example. And I posted a new one with is valid for about 4 pixels :-p
dreadnaut @2019-04-06 22:15:44 UTC
There are two things to know about the Speedgate: first, the top torque is not at max RPM, so it's better to shift earlier than with other cars; second, rather than powergear, the car suffers from a "first gear bug" where the RPM can go really high, and you reach top speed... in first gear. To get there you need to reach ~170mph, and then shift down to 1st gear.
Seeker1982 @2019-04-06 20:25:49 UTC
I didn't notice the Speedgate has a Powergear - even with jumps etc I couldn't get it up to more than ~223 mph - May I know how to get it into Powergear for a fair fight?
Cas @2019-04-06 20:14:46 UTC
Thank you, guys. Just checked the replays. I already knew that the Speedgate had this sort of "self-powergear" that GTC described in some video in the past, but I couldn't remember how to use it. At that time, it was frowned upon, but I think it should be embraced, just like powergear is
dreadnaut @2019-04-06 18:38:32 UTC
Thank you! No way I could reach your NoRH time though
Seeker1982 @2019-04-06 18:09:20 UTC
wow, great time dreadnaut. I just improved my RH-time but I'm not sure it's fast enough
dreadnaut @2019-04-06 17:59:18 UTC
I missed the start, but here I am!
Cas @2019-04-05 21:53:48 UTC
Replays verified! Hey, in my opinion, it is always a gift to be different as long as you are able to enjoy it. I'm sure psychiatrists would put me some label if I ever let them put their hands on me, ha, ha. Till then, my condition is my name and I'm proud of my uniqueness, even at the times when it's a little hard. Sadly, my thing doesn't make me good at racing, but I can do other things. Man, there's so much that extroverted people are missing!
Seeker1982 @2019-04-05 19:39:32 UTC
Thanks for the flowers, as said before I'm a 2e (twice exceptional) - I'd be considered highly gifted if it wasn't for my Asperger-Autism. but now to the main thing: I saw the off-track-moment in the RH-lap. That's why I've just done a new one, and since I was at it I improved my NoRH-lap.
Cas @2019-04-05 01:08:26 UTC
Seeker! Your laps are amazing. I can't even get close! In the RH one, there's a single frame in which I found your car to be off the road. Please verify it. The NoRH one is just perfect.
Seeker1982 @2019-04-04 18:47:24 UTC
After doing quite a few trys, I've found out myself that there is a bridge-segment along the way of that long jump. But it's impossible perform it as a "long jump" - without landing on the bridge segment - on a regular basis - only once in a while the car will jump high and long enough. But I'll manage.
Cas @2019-04-03 22:39:46 UTC
Hey! Thanks for posting. I'll check the replays as soon as I finish today's work. That jump, you can perform it as a long jump, but also, you can slow down before you fall and you'll get to touch the higher bridge, which will allow you to continue without any trick. Of course, it's a lot more interesting as a long jump, but I think this track could be GAR-compliant.
Seeker1982 @2019-04-03 19:04:39 UTC
First time, only with RH since the start - that loong jump - is only doable by bugusing. I suppose thats not by accident, is it?
Overdrijf @2019-04-02 16:34:49 UTC
Looks fun. I'll check it out a bit later this month (after I check my Speedgate).
Cas @2019-04-01 11:00:36 UTC
Alright... April's race has started

1   Seeker1982 1:11.80Speedgate XSDOWOOT/RH2019-04-25
2   dreadnaut 1:14.00Speedgate XSDOWOOT/RH2019-04-06
   Seeker1982 1:20.10Speedgate XSDOWOOT/NoRH2019-04-06
3   Cas 1:24.95Speedgate XSDOWOOT/RH2019-04-10
4   Overdrijf 1:25.55Speedgate XSDOWOOT/NoRH2019-04-25
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