Racing Challenge

Title: A Literal Race
Author: Overdrijf
Created: 2018-9-4
Cars allowed: Superkart
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2018-09-12 - 2018-10-20
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Cas @2018-10-31 06:29:44 UTC
Alright... beginning preparations for next race. Archiving messages and replays...
Overdrijf @2018-10-30 20:32:14 UTC
The track will go live on November the 1st, and run until the 25th. So the waiting is almost over.
KaoS @2018-10-30 16:00:14 UTC
When is the new Track ready?
Overdrijf @2018-10-28 19:46:18 UTC
Thanks! It will be fun to see what you do with it.
KaoS @2018-10-27 21:22:42 UTC
Very nice CARS!!!! i like the mercedes
Cas @2018-10-27 21:10:51 UTC
I'll add a link to the cars here too when the race starts 😄 Sorry that links are not automatic in the chat yet, but you can add them with very basic BBcode ("url" between square brackets and "/url" at the end) like this: http://forum.stunts.hu/index.php?topic=3436.0
Overdrijf @2018-10-27 14:56:42 UTC
The cars are available over here: http://forum.stunts.hu/index.php?topic=3436.0
KaoS @2018-10-26 13:48:14 UTC
Cant wait till it starts
Overdrijf @2018-10-26 05:42:40 UTC
By the way, a question: what has a monocle but no speed limit? - The upcoming track will provide the answer.
Cas @2018-10-21 00:01:52 UTC
Oh! ☹ Well, we'll start a new race soon! I've just published all replays
Duplode @2018-10-20 11:04:12 UTC
Ouch! For some reason I thought the deadline was on the 22nd =/
Cas @2018-10-19 23:10:23 UTC
Verified! The race is almost over!
Overdrijf @2018-10-19 16:51:12 UTC
Demmm, KaoS' lap is fast. Is it still NoRH if you have superhuman reflexes?
Cas @2018-10-13 21:54:59 UTC
Leo, I verified your replay! Already running the last week of the race
Cas @2018-10-13 21:50:39 UTC
Waiting for it, Overdrijf!
Overdrijf @2018-10-12 18:48:48 UTC
I will still improve. It's just that I'm busy driving... something else... for no reason at all. Totally not revealing something soon.
Cas @2018-10-05 02:19:05 UTC
I updated my own laps
Cas @2018-10-05 02:01:33 UTC
You mean like a countdown timer? Yeah, I've been wanting to do something like that. Originally, I wanted to use countdowns from https://www.timeanddate.com, but now I think I should do it myself and it'd look more like the rest of the site
KaoS @2018-10-04 19:31:56 UTC
Its nice when we had a Timeline till end of the Season of the Race. Till the new one starts
Cas @2018-10-04 00:48:47 UTC
All replays verified!
Cas @2018-10-03 18:13:55 UTC
Duplode: deleted the RH one from the scoreboard. Guys, I'll be checking your replays later today. Thanks for posting! Please report any bug, as I've been making some changes to the site
Overdrijf @2018-10-03 15:28:19 UTC
I don't care if I have to replay handle to do it, or if it's not as fast as KaoS' previous replay: My car, my track, I aim to be the end boss people try to beat in this level. 8)
Duplode @2018-10-03 13:39:57 UTC
CaS: can you please cancel my 1:48.85 RH submission? It is the same lap as the 1:48;85 NoRH one; I just forgot to mark it as NoRH.
KaoS @2018-10-03 11:19:12 UTC
Hope now its okay
Cas @2018-10-03 00:44:17 UTC
KaoS, you have one moment out of track on your NoRH replay and two longer moments out of track on the RH one. Otherwise, the laps are great. Please check the replays to stay OWOOT
Cas @2018-10-02 19:03:18 UTC
Wow! Another NoRH lap better than the RH one! Welcome, KaoS! I'll verify the laps when I finish today's work
Overdrijf @2018-10-02 18:37:18 UTC
Holy crap, 1:46.95 NoRH?! I need to start some serious racing...
afullo @2018-10-02 08:34:51 UTC
Yes, it works!
Cas @2018-10-02 00:11:26 UTC
It looks like the date and time are fixed now. Thanks, Afullo!
Cas @2018-10-02 00:07:11 UTC
afullo @2018-10-01 09:10:09
I'm glad to give my (little) contribution for the 24h clock, you have to use "H" instead of "h". The correct format should be H:i:s, instead of h:m:s.
Cas @2018-10-01 06:10:00
Oh, that must be what happened! Then the time is UTC, but I've used "m". You see, now it's October and it's displaying 10 minutes. Still, I also have to fix the clock so that it runs 24 hours.
Cas @2018-10-01 06:10:55
Uhm... my intention was for the times to be UTC and I thought this was a 24h clock. Now I see all the times seem to be AM. I'll have to take a look and fix that. Thanks for letting me know
afullo @2018-09-30 07:09:17
Another note: the number of minutes, between hours and seconds, is always 9; did you mistakenly use, in php, m for months there, instead of i for minutes? Maybe this is not -0:30, but UTC with that oversight (and 12-hour number for hours, instead of 24-hour one).
afullo @2018-09-30 07:09:16
Btw: it seems that the clock relative to the posts here is set on UTC -0:30, which is the mean between Argentinian/Brazilian time (-3) and Central European Summer time (+2). Is it deliberated, or just an oversight? Also, there is not distinction between AM and PM.
afullo @2018-09-30 07:09:58
Ok thanks, I will correct it asap!
Cas @2018-09-29 10:09:21
Hey! Welcome! Uhm... I checked at that point and, normally, that'd be OK because, as you say, you're jumping. The problem is that you did not execute the corkscrew. You can fix that. It's just at the end!
afullo @2018-09-29 05:09:56
My first lap! Just unsure if my position at 1:45.65 is legit, it seems I'm not on the track, but I'm actually jumping...
dreadnaut @2018-09-24 06:09:45
I was trying for NoRH with the first one too, but I left one of the corners on the outside. The Kart is tricky, but fun!
Cas @2018-09-21 03:09:47
Dreadnaut, your NoRH replay is better than your RH one 😄
Cas @2018-09-19 12:09:14
Looks like the server somehow took Overdrijf's login as happening after the posting of his message, yet the report occured before. Really weird. Anyway, it doesn't seem to be my mistake. Just the internet.
Cas @2018-09-18 11:09:16
Oops... I meant 😊
Cas @2018-09-18 11:09:04
Uhmm... old messages disappeared. I wonder what was wrong. I'll check on that. But first, I'll see your RPLs, guys [smile]
dreadnaut @2018-09-18 09:09:44
Here I am, first try!
Overdrijf @2018-09-18 01:09:55
O hey, why am I posting a slower time than what I already had? Oopsie...
Cas @2018-09-18 02:09:19
Wow! You guys are at a different level. I've been able to improve my RH time and also posted a NoRH one, but still, I remain at the bottom of the scoreboard 😄
Overdrijf @2018-09-17 09:09:59
The physical strain is immense in the king of kart classes, my up button finger hurts and I still only have a feel for at best the first half of the track.
Cas @2018-09-13 06:09:11
Nice to see you here again!
Duplode @2018-09-13 06:09:44
A late night test run. It is nice to be back here. Cheers!
Cas @2018-09-12 11:09:06
Alright, I've got my first replay on this one. Not a great lap, but there it is for a start!
Cas @2018-09-12 05:09:54
Hey, guys! How are you doing? You'll have to re-register, since I've changed the whole system. Any bugs you find, please let me know.

1   Overdrijf 1:46.75SuperkartOWOOT/RH2018-10-19
2   KaoS 1:47.35SuperkartOWOOT/NoRH2018-10-04
3   Duplode 1:48.85SuperkartOWOOT/NoRH2018-10-04
   Overdrijf 1:50.20SuperkartOWOOT/NoRH2018-09-18
4   Cas 1:51.80SuperkartOWOOT/RH2018-10-05
5   dreadnaut 1:51.85SuperkartOWOOT/NoRH2018-09-20
6   afullo 1:55.70SuperkartOWOOT/RH2018-10-01
   dreadnaut 1:55.90SuperkartOWOOT/RH2018-09-19
   Cas 1:57.10SuperkartOWOOT/NoRH2018-10-05
7   Shoegazing Leo 2:00.80SuperkartOWOOT/RH2018-10-13
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