Racing Challenge

Title: Indy Path
Author: Ayrton
Cars allowed: Porsche March Indy
Style: OWOOT
Ran: 2021-02-01 - 2021-02-26
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Cas @2021-02-26 00:36:31 UTC
Great race! 😊 All replays published!!!
KyLiE @2021-02-25 23:46:38 UTC
I tried, but I couldn't quite catch @CTG.
Duplode @2021-02-18 18:47:50 UTC
Here goes my first attempt; with one week left there should be time for a second one. Like @CTG said on the forum, this is an enjoyable old-school track. Well done, @Ayrton!
Cas @2021-02-15 00:33:19 UTC
Hey, @CTG! Nice to see you here! Welcome to R4K! Just verified your replays. Hope you're enjoying the tournament 😊
CTG @2021-02-14 12:57:54 UTC
Hey, so this is R4K... Let's try OWOOT!
dreadnaut @2021-02-07 15:18:38 UTC
I know that problem 😊 Not everyone appreciates PC-speaker engines!
matamo @2021-02-07 05:42:40 UTC
Completed with the sound off. I don't want the family to hear me racing.
Cas @2021-02-07 00:04:58 UTC
Thanks for participating, @matamo. Your replay has been verified! 😊
Igor @2021-02-02 12:27:25 UTC
Sorry Ralphy you beat me last time, I can't make it too easy for you this race 😊
Igor @2021-02-02 11:51:28 UTC
Nice track Ayrton. I just had my first shot at it.
Ralphy @2021-02-01 10:19:06 UTC
First go! Great open track @Ayrton.. I LOVE the windmill bit you threw in there!
Cas @2021-02-01 01:05:15 UTC
I just gave it the first try 😊 Great track!
KyLiE @2021-02-01 00:05:50 UTC
A new race has started on a new track by @Ayrton! The Porsche March Indy is the chosen car for this one.

1CTG1:49.15Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-14
2KyLiE1:50.75Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-25
CTG1:53.50Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-14
3Duplode1:56.35Porsche March IndyOWOOT/NoRH2021-02-24
KyLiE1:58.10Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-10
Duplode1:58.80Porsche March IndyOWOOT/NoRH2021-02-18
4Cas1:59.70Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-07
5dreadnaut2:00.85Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-07
6afullo2:01.15Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-10
dreadnaut2:01.85Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-07
7KyLiE2:02.65Porsche March IndyOWOOT/NoRH2021-02-01
8Cas2:02.85Porsche March IndyOWOOT/NoRH2021-02-07
Cas2:03.90Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-01
9Igor2:04.30Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-08
Igor2:04.80Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-04
CTG2:05.20Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-14
Igor2:05.50Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-02
afullo2:06.60Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-08
10Ralphy2:07.30Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-07
Igor2:07.90Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-02
11matamo2:08.15Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-06
Ralphy2:08.45Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-04
Ralphy2:09.95Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-02
Ralphy2:12.05Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-01
12Ayrton2:35.00Porsche March IndyOWOOT/RH2021-02-02
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