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Igor @2022-01-26 10:23:04 UTC
Nice racing everyone! I look forward to the next one.
KyLiE @2022-01-26 04:16:01 UTC
That was a great start to the season. Well done @Alan Rotoi!
Cas @2022-01-26 00:10:27 UTC
And time is up!!! - @Alan Rotoi wins the race with an impressive last-hour lap of 2:02.85. @KyLiE follows with a solid 2:07.20 and the third place goes to @dreadnaut, at 2:09.50! A lot of action on the last day 😃
Cas @2022-01-25 23:37:14 UTC
All replays verified! Racing the last 24 minutes of this track 😊
Ralphy @2022-01-25 23:29:57 UTC
That was a tricky track @Igor! It was good though 😊
dreadnaut @2022-01-24 19:09:05 UTC
Am I still on time? Yes!
Cas @2022-01-22 18:46:57 UTC
Alright, I've made some changes to the code to allow for local moderators and for track uploaders to modify the metadata of the tracks they upload. Put attention to potential bugs. Look, for example, at bugs related to the download of private replays.
Duplode @2022-01-22 01:56:27 UTC
Lemme try to sneak in a lap before I get too sleepy...
Igor @2022-01-07 12:09:32 UTC
It's great to see you there @Ayrton, I hope you are enjoying the race!
Igor @2022-01-07 12:05:36 UTC
Hey @dreadnaut, you are spot on, I am impressed!!! I was wondering if anyone would notice!
Cas @2022-01-06 23:15:00 UTC
Hi! I'm posting my first replay of the year! 😊 Now that I'm looking at the scoreboard... I'm not doing that bad! 😮
dreadnaut @2022-01-05 15:01:58 UTC
Mmmh, I think I can see some letters hiding among those trees. Hi, 2022?
Igor @2022-01-04 10:44:25 UTC
Happy New Year all! I'm a little late coming in here but I hope you all enjoy this race!
Cas @2022-01-01 19:46:45 UTC
Happy New Year, everybody!!! 😊
Duplode @2022-01-01 18:57:48 UTC
Happy New Year, folks! From the map, the track looks like a good fit for the car. Let's give it a shot!
Alan Rotoi @2022-01-01 17:32:34 UTC
It was OK until 1 min 34 secs and I had to use RH... Damn hill, I couldn't see the corner. 😃
dreadnaut @2022-01-01 10:19:53 UTC
Happy New Year! Let's get the Stunts party started 🎉
Alan Rotoi @2022-01-01 01:13:11 UTC
Nice! But here still is 2021. 😉
KyLiE @2022-01-01 00:08:39 UTC
Start your engines! The 2022 season has started with a new track by @Igor! We're driving the Jaguar XJR9 IMSA for this one.
KDC22 @2021-12-31 20:05:21 UTC
Happy New Year!!!
Twenty2! (by Igor)
Winner: Alan Rotoi
Race has ended
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