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Cas @2021-11-26 23:12:09 UTC
Alright! It's been a good race. Who would say it's been five years since Race For Immortality? Congrats, @KyLiE! Thanks everybody for being here. This track will remain open in the Permanent Competition because of its relevance in the history of the tournament. You can give it a try with any car and any rules! We're still celebrating five years of Race For Kicks, so get ready for the next race, which is going to be special too!
dreadnaut @2021-11-26 18:15:11 UTC
Nooooo, I missed a race 😱
Duplode @2021-11-21 22:42:32 UTC
It's somewhat late, but here goes my opener 😉
Alan Rotoi @2021-11-21 03:46:17 UTC
@Cas Oh! I tried with Melange and it can't do the double jump either as you said. 😃
Cas @2021-11-20 20:42:55 UTC
@Igor, I checked your replay and you've experienced the same difficulties as @Alan Rotoi. Unfortunately, this track makes it a little easy for that to happen 😟
Alan Rotoi @2021-11-12 02:39:16 UTC
I didn't know it wasn't allowed to drive on the roof of the tunnel and we can't jump the slalom. Seems too strict this OWOOTR rule version. Winning lap will be under 1:10.
Duplode @2021-11-10 21:43:36 UTC
The McLaren is a very peculiar car. It can take a while to get used to it, and it doesn't work well in all tracks, but after a long time I learned to appreciate its charms.
Cas @2021-11-09 21:34:04 UTC
This track is very demanding. It was originally made for the Porsche March Indy, so this time, I thought it'd be better to use a different car, but after several tests, I found that no car other than the Indy and the McLaren would be able to do the double-jump in OWOOT.
KyLiE @2021-11-09 15:08:15 UTC
@Alan Rotoi, that part is valid. Unfortunately, the part directly before where you drive on top of the tunnel and then jump over one of the slalom blocks is not. 😟
Alan Rotoi @2021-11-07 23:23:11 UTC
BTW is it valid what I did at 0:15.15? From the corkscrew L/R to the bridge? Not about off the road, I ask if the element was completed.
Alan Rotoi @2021-11-07 15:02:02 UTC
LOL! I love this track. The problem is about the car.
Alan Rotoi @2021-11-07 14:58:00 UTC
Sorry I try but I can't with this car. The 3D shape and the dashboard are excellent but the handling is horrible. I'll try a terrible slow ride just to complete a lap with OWOOT rules.
Duplode @2021-11-06 21:40:59 UTC
I remember Bliss being a very interesting track back when we raced it with the Indy. Let's see how it'll go with the McLaren! I'll try to sneak in a lap later tonight.
Cas @2021-11-01 01:09:14 UTC
We have a new race! 😊 This is a special one to remember the one very special race that spawned a whole tournament, which keeps growing and improving. Enjoy!
Cas @2021-10-26 23:26:04 UTC
Great race, folks! Now the tournament is near turning 5 years old and we'll make sure to bring something special for you all on the next two races
Duplode @2021-10-26 22:10:27 UTC
Thanks @KyLiE! It's not quite as impressive, though, once you factor in how many attempts I have made for my performance model experiments 😃 (By the way, the experiment went quite well; I hope to post some results on the forum by the weekend!)
KyLiE @2021-10-26 03:10:23 UTC
The race is over and all replays have been made public. I may have won the race, but the real star is @Duplode with some impressive NoRH times!
KyLiE @2021-10-14 09:16:30 UTC
Thanks @Duplode! I've just verified your latest replays.
Duplode @2021-10-11 16:06:05 UTC
Dipping my toes with a RH lap, to get a sense of how the CERV III behaves; NoRH to follow hopefully soon. That's a lovely car, by the way!
KyLiE @2021-10-03 06:05:29 UTC
Thanks guys! I'm glad you like the car and the track. 😊
Bliss (by Cas)
Winner: KyLiE
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