Cas @2020-11-23 02:36:43 UTC
Verified! 😊
Duplode @2020-11-23 01:34:22 UTC
Not much time left to improve, but anyway there's no way I'm missing the GTO round 😊
dreadnaut @2020-11-20 19:41:49 UTC
I drove a new lap... and got exactly the same time 😅
Cas @2020-11-18 06:25:44 UTC
I try and I try and not only I can't get higher in the scoreboard, but I don't even seem to be able to get a better lap than the one I posted! Ha, ha.... My first tries on a track tend to be my best as well, for some reason.
Ayrton @2020-11-05 23:55:21 UTC
I like Stunts. I tried my best on this track but it is really hard!
Ralphy @2020-11-05 08:00:01 UTC
WOW.. That track :| :O
dreadnaut @2020-11-01 11:00:50 UTC
I'm here! 👋
Cas @2020-11-01 02:51:26 UTC
And here I am, posting my first replay for this race! 😊
KyLiE @2020-11-01 00:00:14 UTC
A new race has started on a new track! This time we'll be driving the legendary Ferrari GTO. Enjoy!
Cas @2020-10-26 00:11:34 UTC
Race finished! All replays published!
KyLiE @2020-10-25 04:48:07 UTC
Thanks Duplode!
Cas @2020-10-24 20:13:23 UTC
Thanks for posting, Duplode! Replay verified!
Duplode @2020-10-24 18:41:38 UTC
Making sure I won't miss this round... congratulations on the new site, Cas and KyLiE!
Cas @2020-10-22 02:51:57 UTC
New version of Bliss: 2.5.7! Enjoy track colouring and a better tournament protocol that supports R4K 😊
KyLiE @2020-10-19 11:42:48 UTC
Hey Overdrijf! I'm a big fan of the DTM cars. Ayrton is actually my son, he is 6 years old and that's his real name.
Cas @2020-10-19 00:41:29 UTC
You do well in posting it in the forum. What I could do is open this track for the permanent competition and you can re-post the replay there as "Free OWOOT"
Cas @2020-10-19 00:40:32 UTC
Hi, Overdrijf! Nice to have you back here 😊 I checked both replays. The NoRH one is verified. I can see why you still wanted to post the RH one as it is, because it's really amazing. It's this kind of replays that makes me want to turn this tournament into a Free OWOOT one. I'll consider that, but I'm afraid I have to reject that one this time 😟
Overdrijf @2020-10-18 10:50:09 UTC
Edit: I meant my Rh replay. The NoRH one is legal, and not nearly as funny as the RH one. I also posted it to the forum in this thread: http://forum.stunts.hu/index.php?topic=3352.15
Overdrijf @2020-10-18 10:41:32 UTC
And fourth: I am not sure my NoRH replay is legal, you'll see why...
Overdrijf @2020-10-18 10:41:03 UTC
Hi there to all! - - First off, lot of new(er) member activity here, nice! I think this may also be the first instance in the Stunts community of an "anti-ghost": two drivers, one name. 😉 http://zak.stunts.hu/racers/ayrton (The driver in question, while a legend, hasn't been active in 10 years, so it's not a problem at all, merely funny.) - - Second off: I am so glad I tuned the viewing height of these cars to give a good idea of where on the road your wheels are. - - Third: This is a great NoRH track! Well done!
Cavallino Rampante (by KyLiE)
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