The Flaming Exhaust live race event is coming up! Make sure you have your Lola and DTM pack ready. The racing will begin on Sunday the 3rd of July at 13:00 UTC. Take a look at the forum post for further information!

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Alan Rotoi @2022-07-01 17:51:29 UTC
What a good track! This car somehow makes me feel powerful when I race. It feels strong, safe and aggresive.
Cas @2022-07-01 01:38:45 UTC
Wow! My first try of an official lap with the Monster Truck It really is fun to drive. Nice track, @KyLiE! It suits the car really well!

New race started! - Monster Zero

KyLiE @2022-06-27 04:35:08 UTC
@Cas, actually, the first time that happened was in the June 2020 race on the track Saving the lost year. Since then, it also happened in the September 2021 race on the track Tropical Springs Stunt Park.
Cas @2022-06-27 00:22:52 UTC
It was a great race! Thank you all for participating! @KyLiE and @Alan Rotoi were actually tied in lap time! I think it's the first time that the age of a replay defines victory for a race in R4K.

Race is over!

Duplode @2022-06-25 20:07:41 UTC
Making sure I'll get at least one lap in. Nice combo indeed!
KyLiE @2022-06-15 05:30:14 UTC
@afullo, as you suspected, I don't consider that valid. It's an impressive jump though!
afullo @2022-06-14 21:49:51 UTC
Forget it, I performed a better lap by regularly spiralling around the stunt.
afullo @2022-06-14 21:46:32 UTC
Dunno if my lap is legit since I strangely jumped inside the L/R corkscrew...
Cas @2022-06-11 18:16:11 UTC
Wow! It's close to getting it under the minute! I wonder if it can be done!
dreadnaut @2022-06-11 14:22:47 UTC
Good car and track combo here!
Cas @2022-06-03 02:33:25 UTC
Replay verified! And here's my first lap as well
Alan Rotoi @2022-06-02 00:49:33 UTC
1st try with Mario Andretti paintjob
Cas @2022-06-01 01:09:32 UTC
Fasten your seatbelts!

New race started! - Tropical garage

Cas @2022-05-28 15:15:21 UTC
Congratulations, guys! Yes, it was a challenging track. You know I like it that way, ha ha.
KyLiE @2022-05-28 12:24:17 UTC
Thanks @Duplode!
Duplode @2022-05-27 23:52:24 UTC
And congratulations, @KyLiE! This wasn't an easy track, especially for NoRH.
KyLiE @2022-05-26 13:12:12 UTC
All replays have been made public. Well done @Duplode and @dreadnaut!
Monster Zero (by KyLiE)
Leading: Cas
Deadline: 2022-07-25 23:59 UTC
23 days left
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