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Cas @2021-01-19 05:16:38 UTC
The Jaguar is my favourite among Stunts original cars 😊
Ayrton @2021-01-17 23:52:29 UTC
@Cas, I like the car that you chose for this track. 😃
Cas @2021-01-10 02:14:25 UTC
Verified! Thanks for joining season 2021 😊
dreadnaut @2021-01-09 21:05:23 UTC
Hello and Happy New Year! Sorry I'm late for the season start 😊
Cas @2021-01-04 19:17:41 UTC
Yes! Happy Birthday! 😊
Igor @2021-01-04 13:25:25 UTC
Happy birthday Ayrton!
Ayrton @2021-01-03 10:09:53 UTC
I tried very hard on this track and I used replay handling. My first try was 2:01 and then my second go was 1:53. I like the straight bit at the start. Happy New Year and it's my birthday tomorrow! Tomorrow I am 7. I hope you all had a great Christmas. 😊 Thank you @Cas for the awesome track!
Ralphy @2021-01-03 09:33:10 UTC
2021 Track attempt #1 .. POSTED! Happy New Year all 😃
Duplode @2021-01-02 23:45:00 UTC
Here goes my first lap of the year. Happy 2021!
Cas @2021-01-01 22:47:49 UTC
Verified! I just posted my own too
Igor @2021-01-01 02:22:49 UTC
Happy New Year all! I just had a crack at the track and posted the first replay.
KyLiE @2021-01-01 01:38:15 UTC
Happy New Year! 😊 @Cas, the track looks good! Best wishes for your grandmother.
Cas @2021-01-01 00:04:03 UTC
And we have a first race of season 2021!!!! 😃 I hope you guys like it. I designed this track to honour my grandmother, whose health is not great right now, so I wish the best for her.
Cas @2020-12-31 22:50:35 UTC
Happy New Year! I can see that Australia and New Zealand, all of Asia and half of Africa are already in 2021 😊 Now the line is about to pass over Europe and we're going to have a new season when it crosses UTC! 😃
Cas @2020-12-26 05:49:25 UTC
All replays are public now!
KyLiE @2020-12-26 03:45:49 UTC
Thanks @Duplode, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Congratulations @Seeker1982 and well done @Igor for an impressive first race!
Cas @2020-12-26 00:58:03 UTC
Some lap time behind the leading group, follow @Cas, @Igor, @afullo, @Overdrijf, @Ralphy, @Octavius, @Ayrton and @Lulisa, completing arguably the highest participation in the history of R4K! The McLaren Hondas return to their boxes after this unique endurance race. We look forward to seeing you all back in the coming 2021 season! 😃
Cas @2020-12-26 00:53:50 UTC
Merry Christmas and thank you all for the superb activity! It's been a wonderful race! 😊 After a very difficult battle between @Seeker1982 and @KyLiE, the former secured his race title. @KyLiE stands barely less than a second behind. @dreadnaut completes the podium with @Duplode following pretty close!
Duplode @2020-12-25 23:15:04 UTC
Okay, I think I'm really done now 😉 We had a very nice season; I'm looking forward to 2021!
Cas @2020-12-25 22:40:58 UTC
I managed to come here before the race ended. All replays verified! 😊
Hispania (by Cas)
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