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1337haxoryt @2021-06-18 00:03:21 UTC
Hey, better late than never, right @Cas? Can't wait to see what the upcoming races bring to the table. Trust me, I'm loving this place!
Cas @2021-06-17 23:42:22 UTC
Nice to see you here, @1337haxoryt! Just verified your most recent replay 😊 You caught this race in its last days but there's still half a season ahead! Hope you enjoy Race For Kicks
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 23:21:36 UTC
My skill has all but disappeared it seems, but I'm happy with the times I've got. Especially the 2:21.10.
KyLiE @2021-06-17 06:58:17 UTC
Welcome @1337haxoryt! Thank you for posting and I'm glad you like the track! 😊 I've reviewed your replays and verified all but two. You'll receive messages explaining why. Great driving otherwise!
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 03:42:42 UTC
Oops, just re-read the freestyle rules, and I somehow never previously noticed that penalty time isn't allowed. Guess I'll make a legit lap. 😂
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 02:18:25 UTC
Watch my latest replay at around 1:55ish, I am in complete amazement that I made this turn.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 02:08:04 UTC
I am in love with the V8Q DTM, as it's rather close to my 1995 Audi A6Q.
1337haxoryt @2021-06-17 01:46:30 UTC
Wow, this track is pretty fun! I'm not exactly sure how some things didn't register as a crash though.
Cas @2021-06-13 20:50:19 UTC
Here I go with a Mercedes lap!
Cas @2021-06-06 23:55:03 UTC
Just verified your replays! 😊
Igor @2021-06-06 10:29:48 UTC
I'm glad to see you back Ayrton, we missed you!
Ayrton @2021-06-05 01:24:07 UTC
Hello! I hope you are all doing well on the track.
dreadnaut @2021-06-01 16:53:11 UTC
Here's my first one too!
Cas @2021-06-01 02:52:01 UTC
Alright! I'm sending my first replay. I think this one could be greatly improved 😊
KyLiE @2021-06-01 00:00:51 UTC
A new race has started on a new track by @Ralphy! You can use any of the DTM cars for this one. Enjoy!
Cas @2021-05-27 00:43:31 UTC
We still have a couple of days left of this track at ZakStunts. Don't forget!
Cas @2021-05-27 00:43:11 UTC
Great race ending! When the asphalt was starting to cool down, we got a few surprises here! Congrats to KyLiE for getting to the first place with several seconds of advantage! KaoS made his comeback with an amazing NoRH replay to achieve the second position. And Duplode obtained the 3rd personal, 3rd NoRH and 4th total place at the last moment, to complete the podium. Thanks to everybody who's participated in this race. We'll have a new one in a few days 😊
Duplode @2021-05-24 21:52:02 UTC
Just making sure I won't miss this one...
KaoS @2021-05-24 19:03:17 UTC
Thank you! 😊, hope I will win.
Cas @2021-05-23 18:03:15 UTC
Nice replays, @KaoS! Both verified! 😃
The Rocky Drive (by Ralphy)
Leading: KyLiE
Deadline: 2021-06-25 23:59 UTC
7 days left
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